ESL One Manila: Team Empire keeps their spot

Dota 2 Pranjal “pranjal26” Drall

According to an ESL statement released earlier today, Team Empire will get to keep their spot at ESL One Manilla.

ESL released a statement earlier today regarding Team Empire's spot at ESL One Manila. They ruled that the Russian team will keep their spot because of an existing rule - "Our old rule set says that the team (organisation) keeps the license in the event of a disbandment." 

The organization has now decided to change this rule because of the instability in the DotA 2 scene in between Valve events. The new rule says that "if a team changes more than three players after qualifying their spot will be re-evaluated."

The fans wanted Na'VI to get the spot since they played Empire really close in the EU qualifiers and didn't make any roster changes since the qualifier. ESL also admitted that having Na'VI would have been "fun" but that isn't how an organization works. They also mentioned that they've extended an invite to Dendi to come to the event, just for fun. 

In the midst of all this, Team Empire also made an interesting tweet. 

Source: ESL


Who do you think should have gotten the spot?

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Team Empire
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Pranjal “pranjal26” Drall
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  • Pablo "underthunder" Cesar ,
    Nothing to be surprise, is the rules of the tournament guys, if they already won the spot the tournament cant kick them, doesnt matter if they change players or playing bad, is the org who won the spot in the eyes of the tournament,not the players.
  • Joe "Kanazak" Hollis ,
    I like this decision. While I think that this particular tournament would be better with Na'Vi than the new Empire squad, it's important to not change the rules retroactively when something occurs that shows a flaw in the existing rule set unless it's a particularly egregious flaw. They recognized, though, that their old rules didn't have in place anything for the situation of having the entire team replaced, and have fixed that. They then add a bit of bread and circuses for the fans in the form of Dendi being at the event and probably doing some sort of pandering to the crowd event like a show match or autograph signing or Dendi being at the analyst table. It's probably the best answer there is for a situation like this, both for the organizers' integrity and this tournament's success and organization's future. Still, barring the fact that it'd be wrong to change the rules retroactively, odds are that Na'Vi is stronger than the new Empire, at least for now. I also like that Empire's seeking to get the best performance out of their team they can for the event by scheduling a bootcamp session. It shows that they're committed to proving that despite these particular players not earning their spot in this tournament, they deserve it. I hope they succeed, since it'll mean more good games :D


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