Denied: Team Secret declines ESL One Manila Invitation

Dota 2 Robert “Midnight_97” De Guzman

After the recent announcement of Evil Geniuses about declining their invitation to ESL One, Team Secret joins them and has decided that they will not travel to Manila for the said event.

The list of teams not attending ESL One Manila is growing as Team Secret decided not to participate in the tournament on April. This came after ppd's announcement that Evil Geniuses will not be playing in the said event as well. This comes as a bad news for ESL as they will most likely lose audience as the interest of the public stows away from them due to the heavy fanbase of EG and Secret.

If ESL decides to push through with the tournament they will have to replace Secret and EG. The problem arises as no team will probably accept those invites since the Manila Major is just a month away from ESL One Manila hence the one month period should be alotted for training.

ESL One Manila LAN event will take place on the 23rd and 24th of April at the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila where it will feature eight of the best teams in world fighting for the prize pool of $250,000.


Should ESL continue with the tournament?

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  • Eric "ChancePlease" Jy ,
    I knew it. they're not interested in Philippines.
    • ronneil "rfpejante" pejante ,
      So they will not attend in Manila Major?
      • Johan Paul "Songsamdong" Luisa ,
        Do you know how to read? "The problem arises as no team will probably accept those invites since the Manila Major is just a month away from ESL One Manila hence the one month period should be alotted for training." TS and EG declined it because it's only a month away from Manila Major. Instead of participating in ESL One they will used that time to train for Manila Major.
    • Manolito, Jr. "131R4D45" Nacua ,
      You cant simply understand what you are reading.. even if ESL will be held in your country or any part of the world, most tier 1 teams will not be interested in it because it will be only one month away with the major. Instead of playing at ESL they will use this one month for practice. I will not be surprise if only SEA teams will participate in ESL.
      • Joseph "mirsyf" S ,
        Agreed, not pinoy kind of problem this time but the timing. It's too close to the Major, so the priorities lead to 'no fucks given' decision, Kappa
  • Prima "Mary.Elizabeth" Mawitjere ,
    yesterdey EG and now TS? what next? This ESL surely going to lose many spectators, because here in SEA there are so many fans of EG and TS.. hope no more team denied the invitation..
    • Nel "GosuGamers_user_364782" Gal ,
      Nahh it won't bro. I believe even without the Biggest teams in the business like EG,Secret,Alliance,VG,LGD,VP & etc. Those seats will still be full. We don't always experience these kind of events here in the Philippines, it's like the first time a huge(well we know ESL Manila is not that huge but it is still YET the biggest E-sport lan event that ever happened here so yeah it's huge for us) tournament was held here. It'll be a hype even with just SEA teams attending i assure you that. :)
  • Edward "darkarmyev" Vicious ,
    it's not supprise they decline ESL, just one month from ESL to Major and they have to fly from EU to SEA twice at expected, valvle's major can affect other events GL for ESL, hope no more team say no for this
  • aldhen "aldhz_pink" dignaran ,
    its okay. tickets are already sold out for esl here in manila, good thing i did not buy. can't wait for the majors.
    • qweasd "wasloyalty2" zxcasd ,
      With invites declined expect scalpers to dramatically drop the tickets' price. That doesn't include that the Spring Major is in Manila as well so it may get even lower. In my case, I might plan on buying a ticket once the prices are lower


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