CDEC beats Team Secret 2-0

Dota 2 Frederik “archyo” A

After a disappointing ESL New York CDEC came into the game wanting to prove that the second place at The International 5 wasn’t a one time performance.

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MLG started off poorly for CDEC Gaming, losing the first game to Cloud9 but CDEC was able to come back strong in the next two games and secure the series 2-1.

Secret has gone through huge roster changes since TI5. The squad debuted in promising form at ESL New York beating CDEC among others and eventually falling to Vega Squadron in the finals. MLG is another chance to prove that the new Secret team is still of high quality.

Secret and CDEC faced off in the Winner’s Series of Group B. It was a CDEC squad that was thirsty for revenge that showed up today. CDEC went for a classic CDEC-draft with huge snowball potential. Team Secret answered with a late-game oriented draft with strong split-push and high ground defense.

CDEC continuously bullied Secret throughout the first game of the Series and despite strong split push from Misery’s Nature’s Prophet it just wasn’t enough. A record breaking Juggernaut performance by Aggressif secured the game for CDEC after beating and bullying Team Secret for over 50 minutes. 

It was do or die time for Team Secret, a loss would send them to the loser series where MVP.Phoenix is waiting. Puppey drafted a signature Enchantress for himself as well as a 6.85 top pick in the Alchemist for w33ha. CDEC answered with a signature of their own, the Bounty Hunter as well as bringing back the good old Tidehunter. The game started horrible for Puppey and co. A number of failed ganks and turn arounds meant they came out of the laning phase with a huge deficit against the midgame draft by CDEC. Despite a heroic defense by Team Secret and a number of good fights securing a decent timed Radiance for EternalEnvy on his Spectre, CDEC was able to secure the game after a huge Ravage by Xz around the Roshan pit.

CDEC looked like the team we saw during The International 5, with fast paced mid-game oriented drafts they were able to punish the greed of Team Secret and get their revenge from ESL New York.

CDEC will be facing the winner of Evil Geniuses and Virtus.Pro, while Team Secret will play MVP.Phoenix in an elimination match. The winner of this match will face (monkey) Business.


  • Arya "saInT_oF_dEaTh" Kumar ,
    I knew this would happen....you all underestimate CDEC and overestimate Secret, EG a lot.... GO CDEC...and ya, stop making Ppy sound like a genius.... By the way, 1st
    • Ivan "ivanleong8" Leong ,
      I agree, CDEC has been way underestimated
    • Dark "darkmonster59" Monster ,
      I am pretty sure Secret suppose to do better , but they just played like shit. So maybe that's why people expected Secret to get this series 2-0 rather than vice versa.
      • Arya "saInT_oF_dEaTh" Kumar ,
        When you pick greedy, plus have two of the most ego-testical players on the team, this is the result. Misery aint a good offlaner. EE is useless, he thinks too godly of himself. Look at that face, its like he is screaming "I am the king of the world and you all are my slaves". Ppy aint the same player as before, his draft standards have gone down. He still selects Enchants man. Look at the bloody greediness, they picked Alchemist and Spectre in the same team, then two greedy supports. and tell me how is that a combo. Besides, weehaa is overrated and as I have said before, the mid player is ONLY as good as his team.


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