VG.HunteR : "All the players felt that VG would not go far with Black"

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Vici Gaming's CEO Lu 'HunteR' Wenju was interviewed by Gamefy. During the interview, he shares the details behind the removal of Dominik 'Black' Reitmeier and the transfer of the team's new carry, Chen 'Hao' Zhihao.

Despite finishing second in DAC, ViCi Gaming was one of the first squads to announce a roster change during the Chinese New Year reshuffle. The removal of Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier seemed rather unexpected, as the German player performed quite well during the competition and was one of the community's favorites. However, it seems that his teammates had a different opinion. Through a video interview with Gamefy, VG's CEO Lu 'Hunter' Wenju explained the reasoning behind Black's removal, and the acquisition of Chen 'Hao' Zhihao from NewBee

VG Hunter:  "On the same day as our final defeat at DAC, we went back to the hotel and had a meeting. The meeting consisted of our team manager, coach 357, all five players, and I.  We did not talk about Black's performance at DAC, instead we focused how far the team could go with Black as the team's carry. All the players felt that VG would not be strong enough with Black. Part of the reason was because Black was not as hard working as previously stated. He refused to watch replays, as requested by fy, and did not really try to learn the Chinese language.
At the time, we had a backup plan and that was to use Yang "Zyf妖精" Pu.  Zyf is one of our up and coming players.  Wang "Rabbit" Zhang and Chen 'Hao' Zhihao both expressed their interest in playing for VG. Rabbit expressed his interest first, then Hao followed. The players of VG thought Hao's performance would be more stable, compared to Rabbit - that is why we decided to invite Hao to become our new carry."

Hao did express his mixed emotions on his Weibo profile. According to VG's new carry, he felt really bad about leaving NewBee as he had a lot of respect to the organization and its owners. However, the current bad form of the team did not allow him to chase his ambitions, and win the upcoming International. Thus, he was forced to leave NewBee and join ViCi Gaming. 


You can watch the video interview here (Chinese).

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