D2CL Finals - Na`Vi secures spot in the grand final

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This is the second day of D2CL playoffs is over and the first casualty is known. Sneaky Nyx Assassins were eliminated by Team Empire after putting up a fight. Afterwards, Na´Vi beat Team Tinker 2-1 as a result of an intense series.

The LAN finals of D2CL Season 4 continued today, with the first team eliminated as Empire successfully took out Sneaky Nyx Assassins in the first round of the lower bracket. The Upper Bracket final will took place later in the evening, at 16:30 CET, with Natus Vincere and Team Tinker locking horns in an intense series in which the Ukrainian squad of Na`Vi eventually secured the victory and will await the winner of Tinker vs Empire in the grand finals tomorrow.

Upper Bracket

Lower Bracket

Round 1 - Best of 3

Round 2 - Best of 3



Live updates from GosuCrew


17:14 - Skim sat down with BuLba for another video interview. Check it out here.

16:28 - The lounge ran out of croissants, RIP!

13:27 - We published another interview, this time with TT's qojqva! You can find it here.

12:57 - Skim conducted an interview with the tournament's host and caster Jorien 'Sheever' van der Heijden! Check it out:



12:36 - The hall is full, Wi-Fi works, so far so good!

12:13 - Skim had a cool discussion with Chris 'USH!' Usher of Sneaky Nyx Assassins! You can check out the interview here:

11:25 - Every team except Team Tinker has arrived at the venue, but Empire's Resolut1on is still sick.



Empire vs Sneaky Nyx Assassins


Natus Vincere vs Team Tinker


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