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Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier sat down with SCNTV, the hosts of the Chinese Sina Supernova Cup for an interview. The player talks about his new team, his life in China and the current meta game. The English translation is provided by GGnet forum member kodo12.


SCNTV:How did you know about our competition?

Black: I follow Icex3's Weibo, some fans mentioned the competition to him.   

SCNTV:Oh really? Are you a fan of Ice3?   

Black:Absolutely! I'm a diehard fanboy of team DK!   

SCNTV:So you're a fan of Icex3 in particular as well?   

Black:Yes Icex3 Burning and Mushi we are all good friends!

SCNTV:Are you aware that you have a nickname around here - B-God Jr

Black:Hmm! I do indeed! Every time people call me with that name, my mouth would become a V.   

SCNTV:So what do you think about this nickname?

Black:It makes me very happy when I hear it,I'm really proud of it. Cause for me Burning is definitely the best carry in the world!   

SCNTV:Haha, he must be your idol as well then.

Black: Oh he's been my idol for a long time. I'm very fortunate to be able to meet him in person many times in China.

SCNTV:So what do you respect from him the most? How did he become your idol?

Black:Because Burning's dota career actually isn't all smooth sailing, there are periods of time where he struggled, however he has always kept trying, never giving up. And now he's standing on top of the world. He's the evidence that dedication and hard work will always be rewarded!

SCNTV:Now that you've joined CIS to continue your dota career, what do you think about the team?

Black:Everyone is good, and nice, but lacking experience. With all the veterans here it is indeed difficult to win against them.   

SCNTV:So how do you feel about your personal skills in game? Such as laning, farming and ganking etc.

Black:I think my advantage is that I can actually farm very quickly and I have decent awareness. However my weakness is at my decision making. I make horrible decisions at times. I'm definitely working on it, to overcome my weaknesses, but it takes time.   

SCNTV:Poor decision making? Can you please give us an example   

Black:Sometimes going too aggressive and end up feeding.   

SCNTV:Oh, that's unfortunate. So how do you guys communicate? Do you guys speak English or Mandarin?   

Black: Mandarin! In game we only need some basic language, so it is not a problem. However in everyday life, we do encounter communication problems every now and then.   

SCNTV:What kind of problems exactly?   

Black:Well my mandarin is still fairly poor. Often I cannot express what I want to go or visit, and I cannot get it across to them. The language we use in dota2 are very simple! So in game = no problem, outside of game = small problems haha.   

SCNTV:Oh, you guys don't have any communication issues in game? Actually your team mate Mini just said otherwise in his interview. He said there's definitely communication issues at times. Was he kidding?   

Black:Haha no! It is not due to language, but the difference in play style and thinking!   

SCNTV:Are you sure? This is what Mini told us:“When we say Go GO GO! (pronounced as Shang shang shang in mandarin) he thought we said run run run! (Shan shan shan = Dodge/run)   

Black:No! It never happened!   

SCNTV:Haha looks like he's been lying to me:P   

Black: :D   

SCNTV:Okay let's return to the upcoming solo championship,so what is the motivation behind it, for you to participate in a solo mid competition. Do you have something to prove, or do you simply want to face all these opponents or are there any other reasons?   

Black:I am always keen to improve, I think the 1v1 matches are very helpful in that aspect. Also I do care about winning and losing, and I strive for victories! Hence I want to win every match I can, haha!   

SCNTV:However you're not amongst the invited, you'll have to go through the qualifier.   

Black:Yep! I will try my best to win the qualifiers!   

SCNTV:Are you confident that you're going to make it through the qualifiers?   

Black:Hmm my 1V1 solo ability is not super strong. After all a 1v1 match is very different from an ordinary one, but of course I hope I can make it!   

SCNTV:Hmm! Good luck Black^! By the way what is your favourite heroes to play in a 1v1 match?   

Black:Invoker and pudge of course!   

SCNTV:We know you love playing pudge, does that mean dendi is you idol as well?   

Black:Nah! Burning is my only idol!   

SCNTV:Burning is arguably the best antimage player in the world. How come you didn't mention antimage earlier?   

Black:Oh, I love playing antimate very much, he's just not very much suited for a 1v1 match.   

SCNTV:Fair enough. Which hero do you hate the most?   

Black:Pheonix! (Without any hesitation) That is a stupid hero!   

SCNTV:Stupid? How come?   

Black:It is simply too good... too imba!   

SCNTV:Haha, well which opponent would you like to face up against the most!   

Black:Icex3 and Mushi! If you wanna be the best you have to defeat the best!   

SCNTV:However it is very unfortunate that they've withdrawn from the competition.   

Black:haha, that is very sad indeedT.T   

SCNTV:So anyone else in mind?   

Black:Everyone else :D!   

SCNTV:Your team mate Mini received our invite to the tournament, what do you think about him?   

Black:Again he's super talented but lacking experience. I'm sure he can win anything though with hard work! And I wish him the best in the competition as well!


The English translation is provided by GGnet forum member kodo12.

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