MLG reaches $75,000 prizepool, bundle paying off

Dota 2 Johan “Sun_Tzu” Järvinen

The prizepool for MLG Dota 2 Championship in Columbus later this month is growing at break neck pace, going from the initial $50,000 to $75,000 in less than a day after the MLG Dota 2 Bundle was released to the public.

The MLG Dota 2 bundle includes a HUD skin designed by Moerrrb, a courier by Thiago Vidotto and a ward designed by Danidem with animations by Vidotto. On the top of these three items there's a Dota 2 Battle Bonus through the MLG Columbus event. No in-game ticket in included because the tournament will be entirely free to watch for everyone inside the game. The bundle is prized at $10,00 with $2,50 from each bundle going into the prizepool, meaning we're already looking at more than 10,000 bundles sold.

Additionally MLG announced recently that they would be adding on David 'Luminous' Zhang to their casting lineup for MLG Columbus. He will be joining David 'LD' Gorman and David 'GoDz' Parker as well as Ben 'Merlini' Wu. No word has been spoken if the long awaited GoDz Enchantress cosplay might take place at MLG, as all we've been promised so far is that the costume is in the works and set to be unveiled before the end of the year, at an undisclosed event.

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