• Name Johan J√§rvinen
  • Location Finland
  • Date of birth Dec 2, 1
  • Primary game DotA

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This is a fair point, I'm sometimes trying to fish for additional details by restating the subject a bit, especially when I know/expect there's something more. But yeah, it's one of a number of things I hope to improve on before my next event; I generally feel my way of asking questions is more suited towards getting long conversations going that can be edited down (like certain bigger things I've done in the past), but that kind of content just isn't that useful at events, so I need to adapt for what is expected of me.

Article 12/1/13, 5:24 AM

You haven't been reading the full story. There's not a single person who is close to the team, who know how he has been behaving towards the team, who think Marco is anything but a terrible human being.

Article 11/27/13, 5:39 AM

Fact is you did not consult the players, and we only have your word about why you did not do that. The focus of the article is mostly on the implications of such a reveal and who benefits and why some might not want such information public.

Article 11/19/13, 4:35 PM

Could end up the other way around as well...

Article 11/19/13, 4:23 PM

You might want to read the following article by Loda, educate yourself a bit on what the realities of the scene are. Beyond that, I'll say that Korok isn't the only person who has school or work among the players, or a job for that matter. If the teams don't want to play a competitive wage, then people won't put their lives on hold, simple as that. http://www.tv6.se/blog/loda/little-note-about-scheduling-drama-random-rambling-discussing-low-salarys-dota-2

Article 11/11/13, 9:58 AM

They hurt themselves and their credibility more than anything with how they managed this tournament and how contestants are picked. Not that it would generally likely ever return to be a premier event given how big other events have become, but it has caused this year and last year to be fairly weak competitions. 2011 was an amazing run though, with Na`Vi, EHOME, Monkey Business and Moscow 5 iirc.

Article 11/2/13, 5:31 AM

Yeah, pretty much what I expected when that team was announced.

Article 10/31/13, 5:51 PM

Slight chance, but honestly, just the individual skill of the Dignitas players should be enough for this competition. It's going to be surprising if any Korean team comes close to taking a single game off the foreigners. (Possible exception the TongFu.3 team, since god only knows if they're taking this seriously.)

Article 10/31/13, 3:47 PM
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