RattleSnake and MUFC eliminated from Alienware Cup

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Alienware Cup proved to be harsh for some of the teams, two in specific so far. MUFC and RattleSnake are the first two teams to go, finishing in the unprized bottom positions.

The playoff phase of Alienware Cup started two days ago and it seems as if the groups had zero impact whatsoever, other than for the first placers of each. The reason behind that are the upsets going left, right and across. DK and Invictus Gaming was ranked first in respective group, thus seeded into upper bracket round 3 whereas all other teams started out in round 1, going up against the team in opposite position of the other group. Despite that, LGD who were placed in the bottom of Group A went up against Neolution.Orange, the runner-up group B - and won.

Similar upsets happened in two of the other upper matches where Zenith and Natus Vincere, who both performed rather bleak in the initial group matches, powered through and stepped up their game. Both went 2-0 and forced LGD.int and RattleSnake down to the lower bracket. Last match of the uppers was TongFu versus MUFC, an encounter TongFu mastered.

In Uppers round 2, LGD continued to prove that their weak groupstage outcome was mostly due to a temporary slump by beating Zenith two to nothing. Meanwhile it seems like Natus Vincere are doing it again. For those of you familiar with Dragon Ball, a saiyan grows in power quite drastically while on the brink of death. Well, that is Na`Vi for you, pulling through and gaining power when they are faced with elimination. We saw a similar progress in Seattle last year where they started off poorly but still reached the grand final of The International 2. Speaking of which, due to eastern European team beating TongFu, their next match is a rematch of that exact grand final - vs Invictus Gaming.

Two of the teams in the competition are eliminated as of today, the first one being MUFC who had the missfortune to play against fellow countrymen of Neolution.Orange, an uphill battle won which MUFC did not succeed to beat. The other eliminiated team is RattleSnake who finished second place in the group but in the end it was of no help in the bracket. LGD.international came back after losing the first map, taking the other two back to back. The last game featured Pajkatt playing Sand King as a trilane farmer and multiple well executed detail plays won them the game. Such as using Nether Swap into Mirana's arrow and Io relocating a raging Epicenter into a fight.


Upper Bracket

Round 1 - Best of 3

Round 2 - Best of 3

Round 3 - Best of 3

Round 4 - Best of 3

Lower Bracket

Round 1 - Best of 1


Round 2 - Best of 3

Round 5 - Best of 3

Round 6 - Best of 5


Best of 5

The matches of the high profile Alienware Cup continue tomorrow, with the group winners now being thrown into the mix as well. DK going up against LGD at 12 CET (6pm SGT) followed by the TI2-final rematch of iG vs Na`Vi. Detailed schedule of the playoffs is available here.


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