Na`Vi demolish Darer at Vengeance Cup

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 18 June 2012 11:22

The unbeatables are at it again. Taking out Darer in barely 14 minutes in Game 1 and then repeating their dominance in Game 2 (albeit in a much tighter game), Na`Vi advance on to the semifinals of DreamHack Summer Corsair Vengeance Cup, besting Darer out of the tournamnet.

Game 1
Ukraine DarerUkraine Na`Vi
shadow demon bounty hunter enigma

dazzle slardar
dark seer night stalker invoker

bane sandking

One might argue that Darer slipped out heroes that Na`Vi were comfortable playing into their draft at the outset, with Dendi on his trademark Invoker, a Bane and Night Stalker trilane along with a Dark Seer which they have used to demolish teams like Moscow Five at the last StarSeries finals.

Opting for an Extort Invoker, Sun Strikes were able to net Dendi a killing spree at three minutes, assisting top lane with kills as well as picking off Bounty Hunter twice.

With the dawn of the first night, it was 10 minutes and already Na`Vi had established a 4-17 kill lead as well as a 7,500 gold advantage. Perhaps ArtStyle saw his team's demise coming soon enough, as a Smoke attempt by Radiant into Dire's forest at 13 minutes led to disaster for Darer.

As they tried to take down Dire's tier one top tower, a huge teamfight occured where a nice Vacuum, Ice Wall into a Burrowstrike combo led to a complete team wipe by Na`Vi with no casualties.

At just a mere 14 minutes, ArtStyle called the GG, bringing the game into a second.

Game 2
Ukraine Na`ViUkraine Darer
leshrac enigma brewmaster

windrunner lone druid
invoker night stalker venomancer

bane queen of pain

Fans were hoping to see a more even game this time, and Darer got to a decent start taking a 0-2 kill lead in the first two minutes with dives on the solo Lone Druid at bot lane with Night Stalker and Venomancer. With pressure on their bot tier one tower, Radiant responded by teleporting heroes down to defend with Darer doing the same on the offensive. The score was 6-9 in Darer's favor at 8 minutes.

With the stronger teamfight potential in the mid game, Darer were able to claim Roshan at 13 minutes and put the Aegis on the Invoker uncontested - they immediately went into Radiant's forest and took out four of Na`Vi's heroes, losing only the Aegis at 15 minutes.

A Blink Dagger soon came up on XBOCT's Brewmaster at 21 minutes, and despite a poor performance, Na`Vi were able to claim a 3-1 fight at 23 minutes near their top tier 1 tower with a powerful Shackleshot setup by Dendi.

The second Roshan went to Darer once again after they took out two of Na`Vi's heroes near the Roshan pit while losing only one of their own. LightofHeaven, who struggled for the most of the early game on his Lone Druid, soon completed his Radiance at 25 minutes.

An over aggressive gank by Night Stalker and Invoker on Leshrac at 28 minutes led to a turn around for Na`Vi who were able to take out the two of them as well as Venomancer, and immediately transition their advantage into a push on Dire's tier 2 mid tower and their mid barracks. Na`Vi claimed mid melee barracks.

At 35 minutes, the entire Na`Vi squad gathered at bot lane to take out two of the outer towers remaining and went for a bot barracks siege. Their decision led to a 3-1 fight in Darer's favor, and with a successful defense, they were able to claim the third Roshan with Aegis and Cheese.

Yet, God was caught out with his Queen of Pain at 39 minutes, and the subsequent teamfight led to a 3-1 exchange in Na`Vi's favor allowing them to take out the Aegis. Na`Vi were on the precipice of victory, and after retreating for a while, they returned with a Smoke gank at 42 minutes, catching out the Darer squad in mid lane.

Despite buybacks on Queen of Pain and Night Stalker, Na`Vi were able to take out mid ranged barracks and bot barracks. After deciding again to go for the remaining top barracks, they were able to get mega creeps at 42 minutes, and Darer conceded the tournament.