Top 10 submitted sets for The International 7 treasures

Posted by Daniela "Danielle." Antofe at 14 May 2017 15:30

Now, that the deadline for submitting sets for The International 7 treasures came to an end, it’s your time to decide which set deserves to be added in-game.

Your votes and feedback really matter! Workshoppers are looking forward to see your opinions about their work so don`t forget to leave comments or suggestions.

Tentacular's envoy

Freeheartex, the workshopper that created this set amazed us with some spectacular items for Necrophos. He followed the aquatic theme exactly and managed to upload a unique set. I love the tentacles and I think he didn`t exaggerate with them, unlike others...

You still can vote for it here.



A group of associated workshopers formed [AG] NPC - LaughingSkyPig. Under this name, they release several sets for each Valve event. The sets they are making are absolutely amazing! They usually came up with two different color pallets for each one so players can choose.

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Manta Rayder

I love this set! It is unique and everybody seems to enjoy it so far! The mount is pretty awesome and the tentacle head is perfect! I think it has a big chance to get into the game.

If you want to see it in-game, don`t forget to vote for it here.


The Great Old One

An original idea coming from YunL, the artist who created a superb set for Enigma. Inspired by Cthulhu, The Great Old One is, by far, the most beautiful set created for this hero.

If you think it deserves a chance to get in one of the TI 7 treasures, vote for it here


Drowned Siren

Who can resist such a set? I can't for sure! 

It is said the Pirate King was obsessed with knowing the time of his mortal passing. He traveled the world seeking fortune tellers. However, each, out of fear for their own lives told him the same thing, "You will live a long and prosperous life my King," which he never believed. The King traveled for many years seeking the truth from the one called the Death Prophet. "My King, you will die upon the morrow," she told him. In the rage, he had her weighted and cast into the sea. The next morning his drowned and half eaten corpse was found on the deck of his flagship. The undying siren had arisen from the seas to fulfill the Pirate Kings death prophecy.

Let`s support Toasty by voting his set here, he really deserves all the love!


Underwater Filibuster

Although we already saw a pirate themed Pudge set, this one is more composed. The details carved into this set should be fully appreciated with your votes! I encourage you to take a look and I can assure you that you will remember the Underwater Filibuster set.

Drop all your votes and feedback here.


Sunken HMS Tinker

This set is simply amazing! There are not enough words to describe it! A number of details are impressive and it fits the theme so well. I love the half ship that he carries on his back and the ropes that hang from it.

I think that it really deserves all our votes so we can see it in a TI chest. Don`t forget to leave your votes and feedback here


Relics of the Drowned King

It's almost impossible to resist not liking this set! A perfectly adapted aquatic WK is a theme a lot of artists avoided. The details embalmed in this set are out of this world! I simply adore the tentacles that are rising from his helmet, giving him a badass attitude.

What do you think? Do you want to see it in-game? If so, vote for it here


Ranger of the Deep

I know that it isn`t to everybody`s taste, but I eager you take another look. The artist perfectly adapted every single item to the theme and he somehow managed to make it look like Drow belongs in this aquatic theme. Hope you guys will see a number of details and appreciate it.

At the end, don`t forget to vote for it here.


The Clamity

I fall instantly for this Morphling set! Because I wanted to find out more about the idea behind it, I asked Mihalceanu, the workshop artist who created it, to tell us a few words about it.

As the lore sais (The dark reef is full of smugglers ships who, for some coins, are ready to help any prison break happen. The thing that they have to watch out isn't the guards, the banks of deadly sharks, but the water itself. The water elementals are the last security measure of this dreaded place, full of sunk ships and dead dreams of ever escaping this place alive). I wanted to make Morphling look like a giant force of nature that eats everything in sight and is the real terror of Dark reef.

Don`t forget to vote for it here!

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