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They seem to be dropping like flies. With the recent retirement of EHOME's GK, many fear that the professional DotA scene may discentegrate soon.

Following their loss to rivals CH at the Alienware DotA Professional League, GK announced to his fellow teammates that he would be officially retired after the competition. In EHOME's official release, the reason for GK's retirement is due to academic pursuits.
GK joined EHOME in October 2007 and was the main driving force behind the team, due to his superb play. He has been affiliated to EHOME for 2 years and together with his teammates, EHOME has achieved some truely inspiring results.

Below is EHOME.GK's trophy list.

• WGT2007 China Finals
• CNBN Cup DotA League
• AACC first session of the National Cyber Games
• Cyber Games CETC Intel
• IEF2007 National Championships cafe
• ADC China
• CDL2007 Playoffs Finals
• PGL2008 third season, DotA All-Star Invitational
• GOA2008 in the first quarter
• G League in the first quarter
• G League in the second quarter
• WCG2008 China
• ACG Asian Championships
• TDC2008 China
• SMM2008 International Masters Tournament
• WGT2008 China
• WCG2009 online Repechage
• G League 7th season
• WCG2009 China
• EOG2009 Global Finals
• G League 8th season

At the moment, EHOME have not announced whether they have found a fifth member or not and their current roster stands as follows:

China 820
China Dai
China DGC
China 357

For a taste of EHOME's game play visit GosuGamers' Replay Section.

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