Malaysia's finest

DotA Terrence “MrBlue” Wong

In about one months time, the best of the best in the world of DotA will fight it out on even grounds for a total of USD 26000. No lags, no delays, no disconnections, no reload. Yes, thats right folks, SMM DotA is just around the corner. As the world awaits the final list of all participating teams, Malaysia's best have been chosen to defend their home-turf. So who are Malaysian warriors? Or should it it be called Malaysia's army?

Before revealing which teams have qualified for the SMM, lets take some time off and see how this tournament is structured. All Malaysian teams who wishes to participate in the Grand Finals must play in a qualifying round, the resulting four teams of each qualifier will be given a spot in the Grand Finals. While all international teams will be directly seeded directly into the grand finals. Having said that, there were altogether eleven qualifiers held. Ten in most major states of Malaysia and one in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. So all in all, a total of fourty-four Malaysian teams are qualified for this grand event. Below is all the teams that are qualified and an analysis of some of the qualified teams.

Champion = Irelax1
1st runner-up = Mz-maxzone
2nd runner-up = VS
3rd runner-up = GP

Negeri Sembilan:
Champion = INC
1st runner-up = Fish.MU
2nd runner-up = Sino
3rd runner-up = HXG.ONS

Champion = INC'excello
1st runner-up = K'E
2nd runner-up = IG 1
3rd runner-up = IG'Kedah

Champion = Va.w4si
1st runner-up = Cybertime 2
2nd runner-up = Myst`yatch
3rd runner-up = Netfun

Champion = E-vzp-Freedom
1st runner-up = goat
2nd runner-up = NERD
3rd runner-up = AOE.911

Champion = Survivor
1st runner-up = Team 8
2nd runner-up = Ggmix
3rd runner-up = cL*CRZ

Champion = Kingsurf
1st runner-up = Axis.Rsc.DotA
2nd runner-up = NT.Gaming
3rd runner-up = Ks-JJ

Champion = Team Dsd
1st runner-up = E-wave
2nd runner-up = Ftz-ep
3rd runner-up = Vtech2

Champion = Ftz-asia gaming
1st Runner-up = Xg2
2nd Runner-up = Elite club
3rd Runner-up = Sp-2

Champion = Mineski
1st runner-up = Sino`Raze
2nd runner-up = Ryhthm of life
3rd runner-up = M|p

Kuala Lumpur:
Champion = Cybertime
1st runner-up = IG.ShizumaPro
2nd runner-up = No Sponsor
3rd runner-up = YS

As you can see, the crowd favorites, Kingsurf, Inc'Excello, Mineski and Cybertime did not disappoint their fans. All four teams emerged champions of their respective qualifiers. Since Singapore is just a hop away from Malaysia, some teams decided they will take up the challenge and play in the qualifiers. Axis.Rsc and Team Dsd are both from Singapore and did rather well. Axis.Rsc just losing to Kingsurf while Team Dsd won the Perak qualifiers. Team Survivor have been competing a lot lately in the Malaysian scene, although they have not won anything besides placing first in the Sarawak Qualifiers, they are sure to give anyone a run for their money. Another team to watch out for is the first runner-up at the Sabah qualifier-Team Goat. Team Goat is originally from Sarawak but chose to play in the Sabah Qualifiers. They are regarded as one of the best teams back in their hometown, some even say they are the best in Sarawak. Finally, be on the lookout for any team with the name Inc, Sino, or Ftz in them as they are the most successful cyber cafes in Malaysia and they are known to only sponsor the best teams around.

Thats all for the Malaysia's army of DotA players, stay tuned as GosuGamers gather more info about all participating international teams.