M5 vs. Tyloo

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M5 and TyLoo battled it out during the Hao Fang Golden League Groupstage. 

The Russians are fighting a Chinese team for the first time after the recent addition of two new players, while on the other hand it's TyLoo that hasn't met any non-Chinese team since their recent roster changes. Will the no-hardcarry strategy of M5 be able to defeat the team fight oriented line-up they have to face?


The Picks Analysis
The Line-ups
Prophet Vengeful Spirit Omniknight Keeper of the LightPriestess of the Moon=1>

As one can clearly see, M5 decided to follow their "No hardcarry" strategy, picking 5 heros that shine mostly early to mid game with their team-battling abilities. Omniknight will be the one responsible of keeping the pace up, keeping every single one of his teammates alive during battles and tower pushes, while the ganking powers of Priestess of the Moon, Vengeful Spirit, Prophet are given space to shine, with the supporting powers that only a hero like Keeper of the Light can provide, with his abillity to always keep the team's mana points high and teleport heroes to his location for greater positioning.

Witch Doctor Spectre Windrunner Clockwerk Earthshaker

Tyloo, on the other hand, decide to place a typical hardcarry focused line-up with Spectre obviously being the hero who farms the hardest in order to be ready for late game. Their combo consists of pretty much standard heroes, including two of the best side lane solo heroes - Clockwerk and Windrunner. On top of it all, they also have the abillity to gank and counter-gank, with the assistance provided by Earthshaker, while they can even push a little with Witch Doctor and the heal he's able to provide.

Gamebreaking Heroes

Keeper of the Light for the Sentinel is the hero that is going to try keep it together, using his Chakra Magic to keep his allies' MP in high levels and in co-operation with Omniknight, the M5 players are going to feel like there is a portable fountain available to them. Ezalor's help doesn't stop there. His Mana Leak is an excellent counter to Windrunner while his Blinding Light can screw up Clockwerk and his Cogs. Moreover, his recall ability coupled with Prophet offers M5 the ability to create a 3-man-gank out of nowhere almost instantly.

Spectre is going to be the critical hero of TyLoo's line up, providing excellent damage and tankability during team fights towards mid game and onwards, while she also has the ability to finish off any heroes that survive the early game combo provided by the squad's stunners. It's really important for Spectre to get her Vanguard-Phase Boots pretty fast in this game, since the pressure coming out of M5 is going to be very high from the very first minutes of the game. It all comes down to her for the Chinese, since their combo is very dependent on her mid to late game damage output.


The two line-ups pretty much prepare us for what's coming in the game. M5 with their extreme mobillity and their mediocre pushing power, are going to try to keep their enemies from farming and get the game finished in less than 30 minutes. On the other hand, Tyloo has a set a lineup of 4 strong disablers and all they are looking forward to is seeing this Spectre farmed up. They know they can win the game once Spectre gets her core items up.

Russia Moscow5 China Tyloo
Sentinel Prophet pleasegogame(C) (Mid) Vengeful Spirit M5.Dread (Mid) Keeper of the Light Moscow5.RAK (Mid) Priestess of the Moon M5.Guf (Top) Omniknight ekv (Bot) Scourge Clockwerk TyLoo.XYG (Top) Windrunner TyLoo_Wxy (Bot) Spectre wangchenxiai (Mid) Earthshaker TyLoo_Qssssssss (Roaming) Witch Doctor TyLoo.hottt (Mid)
The Game
Laning Analysis

Moscow 5 decides to place Priestess of the Moon top, Omniknight at bottom and create a triple lane in mid with Prophet,Vengeful Spirit and Keeper of the Light. This option seems kind of odd, considering that Furion is an excellent jungle farmer but Sprout and Magic Missile combined gives a huge disable time for the enemy hero - long enough for Ezalor to charge his Illuminate and deal a massive amount of damage. Aside from that, it seems that M5 was well aware of Tyloo's playstyle, since they knew Spectre was to be positioned on mid, so they placed their trilane on mid in order to keep their enemies' hardcarry shut down, even from the beginning. On the side lanes, Omniknight and Mirana will have to face the two best side-lane solo heroes of the game, Clockwerk and Windrunner. Omniknight can almost ensure that he won't die during the lane phase, but Mirana is in much more danger, mainly due to the long cooldown on low level Leap. The Chinese follow a typical 2-2-1 line-up, with Spectre,Witch Doctor in mid, Clockwerk soloing top and Earthshaker roaming around in bottom lane, helping the almost soloing Windrunner. Basically, what we see is that mid is populated by 5(!) heroes, a fact that works in favour of Moscow5: Ezalor has more targets to hit while his enemies have to worry about 2 disablers on top of him. On the top lane, Clockwerk and Mirana will battle it out while at bottom Windrunner will try to surpass Omniknight with the help provided by Earthshaker.

Early Game
In the early game we see the Sentinel buying 2 pairs of Observer Wards, wanting to single-handedly block Scourge's top lane pull and get vision on both sides of the river and thereby both runes. This is a sign M5 is sending out, they are willing to get full control of the map and be as aggressive as their vision allows. 01:03 The first action in the game comes 1 minute and 3 seconds in, when M5 try to initiate on foe Spectre with a full Magic Missile, Illuminate and Sprout combo, but Spectre is able take all that damage and survive, followed by a small, failed dive by M5 that almost got Vengeful Spirit killed. Luckily for both teams, there were no casualties. 02:20 One whole minute later, we have another attempt by M5 to sneak up the first blood, when Furion teleports to top lane but fails to Sprout the enemy Clockwerk and this results in a little more time loss for M5. 04:23 Third initiating attempt by M5, Furion teleports once again, this time for bottom and tries to take down Windrunner with the help of Vengeful Spirit and Omniknight, but an excellent Powershot cuts down his trees resulting in Windrunner's survival. 06:10 FIRST BLOOD! Omniknight for Sentinel and Earthshaker for Scourge decide to move to mid lane, and it's then that Omniknight finds the Earthshaker at the eastern river and kills him, with the help provided by Vengeful Spirit and Furion. Witch Doctor falls in the hands of M5 shortly after, following his failed attempt to save his teammate. Further analyzing the first blood, there are some obvious things one can point out: *Before getting this double first blood, M5 tried to initiate a battle that would give them the early lead three times, once on Spectre, once on Windrunner and once on Clockwerk. Even though it was profitable for M5 to get the double kill on Earthshaker and Witch Doctor, it would be much more rewarding if the first hero killed in the game was one of the semi-carries of Tyloo, or even their hardcarry, mainly due to the forceback the enemy hero receives after being killed so early in the game - he can't even afford to buy a TP Scroll most of the times, due to recent investments in items the likes of Ring of Health. 08:30 Great arrow by M5.G hits Spectre, resulting in her first death in the game. M5 then attempt to push down Scourge's Mid Tier 1 tower, but retreat quickly as support comes in as soon as possible.


M5.G's Priestess of the Moon hits an arrow on enemy Spectre, creating space for her allies to move in for the kill, which eventually does happen

Early Game Side-effects analysis.
Top Creep Score: Priestess of the MoonC/D:40/10 Windrunner C/D:33/10 Omniknight C/D:23/5 Clockwerk C/D:23/5
Important parts/facts.: *The way Keeper of the Light is keeping his 2 enemies in place at mid lane, whenever Prophet and Vengeful Spirit happen to be roamming another lane. *How Priestess of the Moon managed to outfarm everybody on the map, despite having the worst lane possible, for her. *Spectre's death. Crucial Heroes' State For the Sentinel, we have Ezalor being able to defend the whole mid lane, being alone most of the time. And it's not only that he defends the lane, it's that he does it almost itemless. He keeps the lane together, fighting 2 heroes when only equipped with one Ironwood Branch. For the Scourge, we have Spectre struggling to farm the mid lane. Not an easy task, when playing against an Ezalor and especially after her early-in-the-game death, caused by a well organised gank by M5. The upper hand:: M5 is obviously much better placed on the map, higher leveled and farmed. The Sentinel not only managed to get every single kill that occured in the game, but has also gotten the 2 tower kills that occurred and managed to gain complete and total map control over the Chinese.
Mid Game

Omniknight's being there on time was crucial on keeping Ezalor alive, despite the 3-man, all-out gank on him including a Hookshot, a Fissure, Power Cogs and the cask of Witch Doctor

10:10 Clockwerk attempts to initiate on Ezalor and succeeds, but fails to kill his foe after an in-time heal and repel by Vigoss' Omniknight. This followed up by a successful Elune's Arrow gets Witch Doctor killed. 10:48 Prophet teleports to pick up a fleeing, low-hp Windrunner and, along with the dive of Mirana and Purist, gives the chance to Vengeful and Ezalor to take down the Scourge's Mid Tier 1 tower. Windrunner survived Furion's sudden teleport, but the same can't be said for Clockwerk, that got himself Sprouted and then killed by the raw damage of the Sentinel. 12:53 Vengeful and Furion attempt to kill Spectre with a tower dive at the Top lane Tier 1 tower but Spectre survives using Spectral Dagger to phase through the woods...only to be found by Mirana who instantly kills her. M5 then proceeds to push the Scourge Tier 1 Top tower, finding no defence by Tyloo. 13:18 Windrunner tries to initiate on Ezalor who runs into his Bottom Tier 1 Tower woods to save himself, successfully doing so by evading a ton of Powershots, Rockets and even a Hookshot. That's a trade gone bad for Tyloo, since they attempted to trade their Top Tier 1 tower for Ezalor plus Sentinel's Bottom Tier 1 tower, but they failed to kill him; therefore they can't even push the tower, but M5 manages to take down Scourge Top Tier 1 tower, without any sign of defence by Tyloo. 14:29 Elune's Arrow hits Spectre, resulting in her 3rd death and M5 pushes the Top Tier 2 tower of the Scourge, while Keeper of the Light keeps blocking any offensive attempt made by Tyloo on the bottom lane. Tyloo once again fail to trade even a Tier 2 tower for a Tier 1, and the game clearly and steadily starts going more in favour of M5. 15:45 Windrunner falls for Ezalor's bait and gets killed after a Sprout and Swap combo. 15:58 M5 Gets Scourge Tier 1 Bottom tower, defencelessly. 16:27 Prophet teleports and kills Witch Doctor, with the help of Mirana. 17:02 Windrunner and Earthshaker get initiated by Dread's Magic Missile and pleasegogame's Sprout and end up dead by the raw damage of Illuminate, Starfall and Wrath of Nature combo. Witch Doctor falls right afterwards and so does the Scourge Mid Tier 2 tower. 18:26 Spectre gets ganked by Vengeful Spirit,Priestess of the Moon and Prophet. 20:20 M5 kills Roshan, Clockwerk misses a Hookshot thus leaving Spectre alone to Haunt and Replicate into the Roshan pit in an attempt to steal the Aegis. She fails, though, as Priestess of the Moon picks it up. Spectre manages to take down Mirana's Aegis before she dies but it's already too late. M5 start pushing mid where they kill Witch Doctor and the GG call comes from TyLoo, without making any effort to even try and defend their mid lane.
Mid Game Side-effects analysis
Creep Scores as of 20 minutes mark Sentinel: Scourge: Priestess of the Moon C/D:83/10 Spectre C/D:59/10 Prophet C/D:59/5 Windrunner C/D:50/10
Important parts/facts:

The moment of fall for the Scourge, their bad strategical decisions drove them straight to their inevitable doom.

*Failed attempt to kill Keeper of the Light and then proceed to push the tower is what ultimately cost the game for Tyloo, setting them back not only gold-wise but time-wise too, since they not only sacrificed a tower in a failed attempt, but also gave away one more kill on Spectre to M5. *How Ezalor managed to outplay 3 opponents and survive a sure death, without even requiring a protective teleport from his allies; his survival and his tower defending abilities gave M5 the edge required to win the game. *How Spectre is unable to farm for even a short time without getting ganked. M5's mobility and tower-killing speed is way too big for Spectre to be able to turtle this game. *How M5 players have not died, not even one single time. And not only that, but how small an amount of time the M5 heroes spend in their fountain. All thanks to Omniknight and Ezalor, the M5 heroes had a much smaller amount of "out-of-play" time than their enemies. This created a huge gap in terms of levels and items, a gap that couldn't be closed. Crucial Heroes State Ezalor, like said before, gave his team the cutting edge they needed with all that action in the bottom lane. Despite the fact that he never made use of his ultimate and Mana Leak, he was able, using only his Illuminate and Chakra Magic, to create an unbearable difference between the two teams. Things are simpler when it comes to Spectre, on the other hand. She can't have the farm she needs, so she tries to keep it together in a passive way of play that is not enough to avoid M5's ganking power, so she just keeps on dying and losing all of her hard-collected gold. The upper hand: M5. They kept the pace up, continuing to dominate Tyloo. Not only were they ganking and pushing without a single pause, but they were also able to counter every small offensive sign that Tyloo gave out.
It's been a one-sided game for M5, they completely minimized the potential of their enemy with their gameplay. It's not a random fact that Tyloo only tried to initiate 2 actions, both of them on Keeper of the Light, both of them failed, both of them causing damage on their part. M5 played this game in the greatest way possible with 2-3 individual mistakes not being able to destroy the strong image of teamplay and co-ordination they showed. So, to couple it up, what won this game for M5 is: Ezalor's ability to defend a lane on his own - even without items - and mana recharging powers, Omniknight's ability to keep everybody alive and some very well executed ganks on the enemy Spectre.

The moment of closure for this game has arrived, those two mistakes were the last Tyloo would ever make in this game, since the GG call didn't take much longer to come...




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