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Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 03 September 2011 18:46
Gosugamers recently caught up with newly formed Malaysian team Orange.DotA for an exclusive interview at their brand new training base in Kuala Lumpur.

After much deliberation, local gaming organisation Orange Esports has graciously picked up an elite DotA team under its maiden sponsorship project. The team, which comprises Malaysian players Mushi, Winter, Xtinct, Nicxh and Clanton, will be hoping to represent the very best of Malaysian talent in upcoming international DotA competitions.

An official announcement will be made by Orange E-Sports during WCG Malaysia on October 7. With the newly acquired sponsorship, the DotA team will be allocated a complete training facility and monetary support worth RM100, 000.

When asked about Orange Esports’s potential as Malaysia’s premier competitive gaming brand, team leader Mushi said:
My team and I believe that Orange will be able to increase the competitiveness of the local electronic sports scene as well as promote and increase public awareness on Esports, which is badly needed in Malaysia.

And now without further ado, Gosugamers has prepared a comprehensive profile of each player as well as a series of interviews to whet your appetites:



Full name: Yee Fung "Mushi" Chai
Date of Birth: 27-11-1990
Previous stays: Nirvana.my, Cybertime, UCpro
Team: Nirvana.my
Moment: Winning against EHOME in the final of ESTC 2010 in Thailand.


What is the reason behind your recent changes in teams and why did you choose Orange Esports as your new home?
It has been really hard for me to find suitable players but now I really think I have found a suitable team. I believe that accepting the sponsorship from Orange Esports is an ideal choice because it can provide this team the opportunity to fulfil our full potential in the long run.

You have played competitively in China and the Philippines. How do you compare the DotA scenes in both countries to Malaysia?
The Chinese scene is definitely far more developed with its regularly televised tournaments. Players are paid monthly salaries and are treated like celebrities. The fans are also very passionate about DotA compared to Malaysia. You can walk on a street and someone will ask for your autograph. Other times girls want to take photos with the handsome DotA players. This does not happen in Malaysia.
The environment in the Philippines is very friendly, to say the least. Although I am a foreigner, the locals treated me as a friend. In China, everyone regarded me as an idol but in the Philippines I felt at home because both the players and fans bond together and build close friendships within this closely-knit community.

Unlike many of your previous teammates, you have chosen not to play League of Legends (LoL) or Heroes of Newerth (HoN) competitively. Why?
In my honest opinion, the players who invest money into LoL will be better and gain an advantage over others. I prefer DotA because everyone starts off with an equal footing at the start of every game. As for HoN, I just feel the gameplay is a little bit too fast for my liking.

What were your interests and hobbies before you started playing DotA?
I used to play a lot of outdoor games like basketball and badminton. Because of my height, I was actually quite gifted in sports!



Full name: Litt-Binn "WinteR" Chan
Date of Birth: 21-08-1989
Previous stays: MUFC, Cybertime, DNA
Team: Invasion.ReD
Moment: Winning the ESWC 2010 Malaysian Qualifier Final against Nirvana.my.

WinteR, it has been quite a while since you were in the same team with Mushi. What made you accept the offer and join up with him in Orange.DotA?
I have always had a passion for DotA but I had to stop awhile to focus on my studies. Now that I have completed my degree, I can once again focus on doing what I love the most. Mushi and I also share the same goals and aspirations in DotA so it is only normal that we are in the same team.

What were your interests and hobbies before you started playing DotA?
I used to be an ex-national player in chess in the under 18 category.
Looking back the World DotA Championship (WDC) in China last year, what did you feel about losing to DTS in the 3rd/4th place match?
I feel that DTS (now known as Na`Vi) has always been the team to beat. They have shown what they can do by winning the first DotA 2 competition during Gamescom recently. In fact, to be able to beat them now is my single biggest challenge.

Now that you have earned a degree, do you plan to further your studies?
Yes, I plan to pursue a Master’s programme next year hopefully.



Full name: Zhan Leong "XtincT" Chan
Date of Birth: 16-10-1989
Previous stays: Nirvana.my, Cybertime, DNA-SK, Mineski.my
Team: EHOME’s roster in 2010
Moment: Winning against my favourite team EHOME in the final of ESTC in 2010.

Among all your teammates, you have been playing DotA competitively for the longest time (circa 2005). What keeps you playing?
After all these years, I still have the competitive spirit burning inside me. All of my friends from my generation have since retired but I will not give up until my team becomes the world number 1 and make Malaysia proud.

What were your interests and hobbies before you started playing DotA?
I have always been an avid fan of computer games so it is no surprise that I chose DotA when it became popular.
You have been in the same team as Mushi for a couple of years now (Cybertime, Nirvana.my, UCpro, Team MY). Now you are with him in team Orange. What made you stick with Mushi all this while?
I feel that Mushi is a terrific in-game commander and is able to lead us during the most intense matches. Personally I think the decisions he make are the best for the team. That is why I continue to be his teammate.

On a lighter note, why did you choose the name XtincT?
XtincT derives from the word ‘extinct’, which means to no longer exist. I first saw this word in a book and I just felt it makes a cool nickname.



Full name: Aik Huang "Nicxh" Ng
Date of Birth: 1989-08-08
Previous stays: INC^xLo, DNA-SK, (old) Cybertime
Team: PMS*Asterisk
Moment: Winning the ACG 2009 Malaysia Qualifier Final against Kingsurf.

You have been playing DotA competitively even longer than WinteR and Mushi. You are also regarded as a legend in the local DotA community. What made you come back out of retirement and join Orange.DotA?
I have always felt that this team has a lot of potential and I was waiting for the right time to compete once again. I believe Orange.DotA is very passionate about what they do and we can definitely achieve many things together.

What were your interests and hobbies before you started playing DotA?
Like XtincT, I have been playing PC games since I was a little kid. I also loved playing Command & Conquer, Starcraft and Counter-Strike with my friends.
After joining Orange.DotA, what your personal objectives/goals that you hope to achieve?
Nothing special, firstly we would like to establish ourselves as the best DotA team in Malaysia and afterwards win many international competitions for Malaysia.

You were once part of team Excello (xLo) which was regarded as the best Malaysian DotA team for a time. Why did the team decide to disband?
Some of us decided that it was best to move on after so many years of playing DotA. Some also felt that they had to start looking for a job and build a career. So, we decided that 2010 would be our last year as a team.



Full name: Clanton "Clanton" Thoo Chin Fung
Date of Birth: 20-08-1990
Previous stays: Gigabite, Cybertime 2
Team: LGD’s roster in 2009.
Moment: Joining Orange.DotA!

You are considered as a very good DotA player in the local scene but you might not be so well known internationally. Now that you are given a chance to play with a top DotA team, what are your feelings?
I am actually very excited to finally be able to play with a top-notch team. Now it is the time to prove my mettle and worth. Before joining Orange.DotA, I was just a casual player where DotA was merely side income. Now that I am given the chance to represent Malaysia, I will become more serious towards DotA.

What were your interests and hobbies before you started playing DotA?
I used to play a lot of football and I had a passion for athletics, especially running.
You are considered a fresh player among four veterans who have seen action overseas. Do you feel any pressure during and after training?
At first I did feel stressed out because I wanted to give it my all. But as days went by, they treated me as a close friend and we laugh together. More importantly, we sit down as a team and talk about our weaknesses and discuss how to overcome them. This made me feel right at home.

Now that you are officially a professional gamer, what were your parents’ thoughts when they found out about it?
They are actually quite OK with it. Previously, I have won money from small DotA tournaments and that is something good. Now, it is even better because I will be travelling around overseas and be able to learn more about the world. So they are very supportive of me.

An Interview with Mushi and Winter

Welcome to the interview, Mushi and WinteR. First of all, how did you receive the sponsorship from Orange Esports?

Mushi: Orange Esports was planning to invest into the Malaysian electronic sports industry and we immediately seized the opportunity. As a team, we believe that Orange Esports is the best sponsor in Malaysia because it can provide us with the best to advance further.

Mushi, why did you choose these four players from a large pool of Malaysian competitive DotA players?

Mushi: I chose WinteR because is very well-known internationally for his superb drafting and in-game commanding skills. He is also very good with tactics and strategy.

Meanwhile, XtincT is the most experienced DotA player in Malaysia and can therefore provide us with insight into the game that only comes with 5 years of playing.

On the other hand, Nicxh is a very serious person who always strives for perfection and aims to improve his game and go the extra mile.

Last but not least, I have always noticed the potential within Clanton. With the right team, he can develop into one of the best players in the world.

Do you mind letting us know what roles the players will be filling in the team?

Mushi: I will be playing the ganker or semi carry. Nicxh will be our carry while WinteR is our trusted supporter and in-game commander. XtincT is our utility player who can play all roles while Clanton will act as our ganker.

Now that Orange.DotA is finally formed, what are your immediate short-term and long-term goals?

Mushi: We will be busily preparing for all the major tournaments that will be happening in a month’s time, including ESTC, MSI, SMM, WDC and ESWC (if we get an invite).

WinteR, many DotA fans have compared you to Na`Vi’s captain Artstyle. Why is that?

WinteR: I guess both of us are not afraid of trying something new. Our strategies do not normally conform to the current drafting trends. However, we have our differences too. For instance, I do not agree with him that there are no such things as outpick. However, both of us have our own philosophies and our ideas work for our own teams.

Mushi, Malaysian DotA tournaments are infamous for their strict player-ban policies which disallows professional players from participating. What is your take on this?

Mushi: The act of banning players is actually very bad for the Malaysian DotA scene because the competitive level will deteriorate and therefore the flow of new good players is stagnant. Being a constantly banned player myself, I find it very difficult to maintain my form, let alone improve my skills. So far this year, I was unable to participate in most of the tournaments and to date, I only participated in less than 10 tournaments. Nevertheless, I'm still able to retain my passion for DotA because my dream is that one day, Malaysian DotA will reach its peak and tops the world ranking. If i'm still able to contribute to Malaysian DotA, I won't give up.

Who are your most feared opponents currently?

Mushi: A DotA team cannot fear another but personally I think the Chinese teams are difficult to beat. Although Na`Vi recently won the DotA 2 tournament in Germany, teams like LGD, iG and EHOME are the teams to beat. I confess that we are weaker than them now but we will make sacrifices and do whatever it takes to take down the Chinese.

Do you have confidence in beating archrivals MUFC.DotA in future DotA tournaments?

Mushi: If we put our hearts and minds into our training and prepare well enough, beating MUFC.DotA is always possible. Likewise, if they prepare better than us, we might lose.

Finally, money has played a big role in the current turmoil that is plaguing the European and Chinese DotA scenes. What are your thoughts on that?

Mushi: It is true that several teams in China have recently suffered the backlash as a result of player-poaching. But I would like to think that the Malaysian players emphasise friendship and loyalty. Salary and monetary benefits are secondary.

WinteR: For example, Mushi came back to Malaysia after a brief stint in China to help rebuild a strong team!

Thank you for your time, gentlemen. Any last shoutouts?

Mushi: I would like to thank our kind sponsor Orange Esports and our beloved team manager Kenchi Yap who is working very hard!



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