Cache Exchange: Why Cache Could Be Replaced By Cobblestone For The Next Major


FMPONE, the original creator of CACHE, has hinted on social media that the map is due for a re-work which could result in it being removed from the map pool.

Cache which was released on December 1st 2012, is no stranger among CSGO fans. It has been played countless times within the past few years and has had a vast amount of changes to it in order for it to remain relevant and playable within the current climate. In a series of tweets made by one of the creators, FMPONE, there seems to be a re-work currently in place for the map.

The creator also uploaded a video to his YouTube channel which showcased changes to the A Bombsite.

Are These Changes Needed?

Many would argue that these changes are unnecessary. However, the map was only chosen four times out of fifty-three maps at the most recent Major — that means it was only picked 7.54% of the time by the worlds most elite teams. Of course, there are other considerations that need to be taken into account such as opponents banning Cache, among others.

It's important for maps to develop and change over time to ensure that they meet the demands for competitive play and don't remain stale. Part of what makes CSGO so exciting is the way teams experiment with maps and use them to their full advantage. One such example is when Natus Vincere used a triple boost on Overpass during overtime to try and seal a spot in the final of IEM Katowice 2016.

The map has changed vastly over time as noted below.

Courtesy of FMPONE, Mapcore

Courtesy of FMPONE, Mapcore

Courtesy of FMPONE, Mapcore

More images can be found on Mapcores' website.

Cobble Comes To Light 

Cache still remains within the competitive map pool as of today, however, many feel that the map might be taken out by the next Major to allow for the reintroduction of Cobblestone which has recently had some rather game-changing adjustments itself.

The new map layout changes have been set in stone while the sun has risen, shining a new light on an old fan favorite.

It's important to remember that although there is a good reason to believe that Cobblestone will replace Cache, this is pure speculation and no official decision has yet been made.


Would you like Cobblestone to replace Cache in the current competitive map pool?

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Thank you for voting!
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