CS:GHOST - No operation, but It isn't all doom and gloom with the latest CS update


Valve has released an update to CS:GO which is filled with surprises just-in-time for Halloween.

Valve's latest blog update features changes to recently added maps Biome and Subzero, a new outfit for chickens and an entire Halloween themed overhaul for Cobblestone.

Let's "chick-in with the most significant change of them all; the chickens of course!

The new chickens flaunt a rather delightful ghost-like overcoat as they blend in with Cobblestones' new setting. Furthermore, the chickens are also less likely to walk into walls which seems great on the surface; however, I'm sure I'll miss that in the future.

As hinted previously, Valve has also added several significant changes to Cobblestone including a major layout change involving the A Bombsite; the following graphic will showcase these changes in full.

Community maps Subzero and Biome were both recently added to CSGO with the latest update. Both of these maps have been in need of a few slight changes and have been updated accordingly.

The changes made to these two maps are as follows; for Sub-zero the deathmatch spawns have been re-considered, the radar overview has been changed and an area of water no longer kills players upon contact.

For Biome; the developers fixed an 'out of map' exploit, updated the radar overview and fixed several spots where players were likely to get stuck.

The final, more minor changes are displayed in the graphic below, these feature changes to the user-interface alongside with one other miscellaneous change.

Overall, this update focuses less on gameplay mechanics such as the economy and how weapons work, but more on the casual side of things, with fun, light-hearted content. This conveys how Valve can cater to its diverse audience of players and ensure that their game has no spooky surprises in terms of player figures.

Below is a series of images from Cobblestones' recent overhaul;

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2nd of 7 images

3rd of 7 images

4th of 7 images

5th of 7 images

6th of 7 images

7th of 7 images


Do you feel it's important for game developers to take the time to release 'fun' updates or do you feel as if they should focus more on the main mechanics?

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