smF, EXR, and others create FLÆKKEHOLDET

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Five Danish Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players have joined forces to create a new team dubbed "FLÆKKEHOLDET"

"FLÆKKEHOLDET", which literally translates to "splitting team" in Danish, will feature a relatively experienced roster with decades of experience under their belt.

Most notably, the team will include three members from the former Reason Gaming roster, Danni "smF" Dyg, Nikolaj "EXR" Therkildsen, and Frederik "LOMME" Nielsen. They will also be joined by former Copenhagen Wolves player Marco "Snappi" Pfeiffer and Nicolai "glace" Jensen, who recently saw action with No Problem! and Team Refuse.

FLÆKKEHOLDET have stated that while they have already had talks with some eSports organizations, they still stress that they are still open for offers.

Frederik "LOMME" Nielsen had the following to say about the team:

It is with excitement I can present a new Danish team, Flækkeholdet. This team consists of five very good friends, so naturally we have a good time playing, and that shines through in our practice. We share the same mindset about the game, and we share the same goals. Because of other commitments such as school, it has been some time since our last presence at the major tournaments, which is where we want to compete, but with our experience, we are confident that it is within reach. To achieve our goals we need support in order to attend events. We have talked to a couple of organizations, however nothing has been settled as of yet, which is why we are open for offers. Our manager can be contacted at [email protected].

FLÆKKEHOLDET have the following roster:

Denmark Marco "Snappi" Pfeiffer
Denmark Frederik "LOMME" Nielsen
Denmark Nikolaj "EXR" Therkildsen
Denmark Danni "smF" Dyg
Denmark Nicolai "glace" Jensen 

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