krL & bistouflyy make return

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Earlier this year, 2009's Team VeryGames captain Sebastien "krL" Perez tried his luck with CS:GO together with his longtime teammate Alexandre "bistouflyy" Lebozec in teams named Nameless and broth3rhoord. They did not manage to succeed as they did back in Counter-Strike: Source where the French dominated the scene.

After failing twice in CS:GO, krL build up a new team with former CS:S players who did not get in touch with CS:GO too much yet. After a few weeks of practicing with Floran "crZ" Thoumelin and Kevin "Uzzziii" Vernel, the team lost Vernel to We Got Game and decided to disband Thoumelin. In favour of those two players, Allan "enk1or" Lopez and Karim "krumpze" Ben Amor has been added. The 5th spot will be fulfilled by Morgan "B1GGY" Madour and the team is currently looking for an organization aiming to be represented in both French and international events.

bistouflyy said at

Hello to you all,
Today we make two changes to the line-up, in fact the previous 5 have been disappointing for lack of work, Uzi joined WGG and we decided to separate us from crZ for availability reasons.
KRL has taken the game recently, and it seemed obvious to me that we will play together. We needed a sniper, so it’s KRUMPZE who joined us to complete the 5. We start with better availability, an essential element in order to catch up with what we have on other formations.
We are moving in the tag Rampage and are looking for an organization to support us in our upcoming events.


Lineup Rampage:

Sebastien "krL" Perez
Alexandre "bistouflyy" Lebozec
Allan "enk1or" Lopez
Karim "krumpze" Ben Amor
Morgan "B1GGY" Madour