Two Chinese and Mousesports.wc3

WarCraft 3 “whois”

Mousesports teams up with two chinese players for a better lineup. One which everyone knows by the name of Hacker_Fly100%, and a lesser known name by Sai a Night Elf player who also hails from the lands of China.

Germany HasuObs
Germany BasH
Germany Spell
Sweden SaSe
Czech Republic Giacomo
Russia Happy
Russia TitaN
Australia PhilBoT
China Fly100%
China Sai
Mousesports is a top notch clan whose rank is tied for second with other great clans such as World Elite IGE, and SK Gaming with an outstanding record of six wins, and two loses. Defeating very powerful teams such as ONE-gaming, World Elite IGE, and MYM. Mousesports.wc3 shows its strength through the tenth season of WC3L.

But, with power houses on the team there is no wonder why they've been performing so well. Players such as Sweden SaSe, Russia Happy, Russia TitaN, Australia Philbot contribue to the team so much.

Now, there are two additions to Mousesports roster. China Hacker_Fly100%, one of China's most up-and-coming stars playing Orc. Fly100% has imprssed a lot lately, some achievements under his belt are 3rd in CIG: 2005, Stars Wars 3 Team Gold, 1st in CEG: Beijing Station 2006. The other Chinese player that Mousesports added was China Sai, a Night Elf player. Both of these players will be able to play allowed to play on the last week of WC3L. Hopefully the both will contribute in the next season of WC3L with their new home, Mousesports.

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