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Rumours: Riot is testing a battle royale mode for VALORANT…in China

Valorant Sharil “memeranglaut” Abdul Rahman

Possible new game mode for the FPS game coming soon.

According to a leak on social media – Riot is currently testing a Battle Royale mode (ala PUBG) for VALORANT in China. The rumour comes courtesy of PlayerIGN – who has a reliable history of sharing out early info about PUBG.

Their original tweet about the battle royale mode was made way back in November 2020, but just recently replied to his original tweet with a video. In it, they state that PUBG players in China was invited to a private playtest of the new mode.

At the same time, the same people playing the private playtest said it may be a new Battle Royale title all together. But PlayerIGN has successfully leaked info about the upcoming VALORANT mobile and also the release of agents Skye and Yoru for the game.

We will have to wait and see if this leak will come true, but a battle royale game in the VALORANT universe? Colour us interested. We do want more agents to play with though.


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