Valorant updates – vice and C9 part ways, patch 2.05, new weapon pack

Valorant Sharil “memeranglaut” Abdul Rahman

C9 and Daniel "vice" Kim parts ways

C9 Blue, based in the US, has announced that they will be parting ways with Daniel "vice" Kim, one of the founders of the team. This is on the back of them not able to qualify for VCT Masters this year.

C9 Blue now consists of Skyler “Relyks” Williams , Mitch “m1tch” Semago , Nathan “leaf” Orf , Seon-ho “xeta” Son , and Michael "poiz" Possis.

Valorant Patch 2.05 adds disciplinary measures and multiple bug fixes.

A new patch for Valorant is set to roll out in the next few days. Some of the new features to be introduced in the new patch include:

  • Improved AFK detection
  • Penalties for AFK offences and chat-based offenses – which includes warnings, queue restrictions, XP denial, Competitive queue bans, and game bans
  • Small rank penalty for dodging Competitive games
  • Fixed dead enemies being counted as flashed enemies in the combat report
  • Fixed a rare bug that could leave players unable to move or process inputs until they died when entering or returning from Astra's astral form, Sova's drone, Skye's scout, or Cypher's Spy Camera.
  • We previously addressed some causes of this bug last patch, this fix should address the remaining known causes.
  • Fixed an issue where the Stinger’s stock would appear detached on the ground
  • Improved readability of player names in Observer
  • Fixed an issue where Skye’s seekers did not visibly move on Brimstone’s tactical map
  • Fixed an issue where scoreboard color doesn’t appropriately swap at side swap for Observers
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the "Network Problem" icon to appear when no network issues were present

Expect these new measures to be enforced in tournament matches soon, as well as in the VCT. Check out the full patch notes for 2.05 on Valorant’s official page.

New weapon pack for Valorant is coming our way, inspired by 20th century weaponry

According to a leak from @valorleaks, VALORANT will be getting a new weapons pack based of WWII weapons, and is set to hit stores on March 18th.

The pack will be priced at only 3500VP (or roughly USD$35), the pack will consists of :

  • Infantry Ares (875VP)
  • Infantry Ghost (875VP)
  • Infantry Guardian (875VP)
  • Infantry Operator (875VP)
  • Infantry Spectre (875VP)

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