First seeds for NA and EU VCT Masters announced

Valorant Sharil “memeranglaut” Abdul Rahman

Surprise wins heats up the upcoming world championship

North America and Europe saw the first wave of qualifiers to the Valorant Champions Tour Masters leg for the two continents. The qualifiers, which happened over the weekend, saw some ups and downs and even some surprising results that was unexpected.

Eight teams, four from NA and four from EU has confirmed their spot in the Masters leg of the competition. Alliance, NiP, FPX and Heretics all are now seeded in the EU leg. This is following a flurry of adrenaline-fueled matches over the weekend.

Alliance set the stage with a win over Team Liquid. Ninjas in Pyjamas followed suit as they defeated G2 Esports, which is considered the best team in Europe. Meanwhile Fnatic – a name to be reckoned with, was instead defeated by FunPlus Phoenix or FPX in a 2-1 sweep. The final spot is taken by Team Heretics, who won against OG.

Meanwhile in NA, a different kind of battle rages on. Team Envy, Sentinels, Immortals and Xset all qualified to the Masters leg. This is made more amazing as the tournament pitted big names in the NA scene against each other. Names like FaZe Clan and Luminosity all fell in the quarterfinals and semifinals – resulting in the four teams mentioned previously clinching the top spots for the US VCT Masters leg.  

Good news to the teams who didn’t win however – the last leg of the Challenges will be happening next week in NA and the week after in EU. The last spots for Masters will be determined then.


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