Valorant Champions Tour from Riot Kicks Off

Valorant Sharil “memeranglaut” Abdul Rahman

The tournament will run regionally and internationally to find the best of the best in Valorant for 2021

Riot Games, the publisher of Valorant, will be hosting the the 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour, supported by Red Bull and Secretlab.

The championship will feature three levels of competition – Challengers, Masters and Champions. Challengers will be a regional-focused tier, organized by Riot and tournament partners, some who are already running Ignition Series events and First Strike qualifiers.

Each Challenger stage will consist of three tournaments and a final taking place over six weeks. Each tournament will feature eight teams who will earn their spots through open qualifiers. Teams that do well in Challenger tournaments will then qualify into Challenger Finals. The Challenger Final tournament will feature the best eight teams, and will award prizing and qualification slots into the next Masters event.

Meanwhile, Masters will be where the top teams from the Challenger levels will meet up, in three events throughout the year. The climax of the tour will be the Champions, to be held at the end of the year with a two-week long tournament to crown the first VALORANT global champion from the top 16 teams.

The breakdown of the tour are as below

From the Challengers series, the following number of teams will be picked:

  • Three teams from North America (Oceanic teams will have qualifications through NA)
  • Four teams from Europe (CIS, Turkey, and Middle East/North Africa teams will have qualifications through EU)
  • Two teams from Brazil
  • Two teams from Korea
  • Two teams from Japan
  • Two teams from Southeast Asia
  • One team from Latin America

The tour kicked off at the end of January with the Challenger event for North America.

Good luck to everyone participating!


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