GosuGamers PUBG - Tournament FAQ

PUBG William “Clerik” Lovqvist

Server Information / Passwords / Discord Roles

What must I do to ensure that I am properly registered?


  • Once registered please check the /participants page to see if you are part of the tournament participants, or on the reserves list.
  • If any teams from the tournament participants fails to check-in, the top reserves will fill their space.
  • If you encounter any problems or have any question, please contact an admin via Discord


  • Ensure your team has the correct number of players for the tournament. If the tournament is for teams of 4, your team must have 4 or more members.
  • When registering for a tournament invites will be sent to all team members selected.
  • Each team member must select these invites individually for your team to be registered for the tournament.
  • Player invitations can be managed by the team captain on the /overview page by clicking the cog icon.
  • Once registered please check the /participants page to check if you are part of the tournament participants, or in the reserves list.
  • If any team from the tournament participants fail to check-in reserves will fill their place.
  • If you encounter any problems or have any question, please contact an admin via Discord.


When/how do I get the password/server info?

  • The password will be given in the #password channel on GosuGamers PUBG official Discord server that you can find here: https://discord.gg/6yGbDfQ
  • You will need the specific tournament Role on the discord channel in order to view the messages.


How do I get the correct role?

  • The tournament admins start adding roles 30 min before tournament starts and for about 10 minutes after the start.
  • If you have not received your role at 5min after tournament start please make sure your name is the same as the ingame name (PlayerID) that you listed on GosuGamers.
  • Please make sure your Discord name matches your PUBG in-game name.


I have the correct PlayerID on GosuGamers listed and my discord name is the same. Why have I not been given the role?

  • If it's 10 min after tournament start please contact Admin in #support channel.
  • If it's before the tournament starts, please stay calm and it will be issued to you shortly.
  • Tournament start time can be checked on the tournament overview tab, below the header.



I have checked in and are ready to play but I am on reserve, will I be allowed to play?

  • The system arrange for this and it depends on several things.
  • First come, first serve - If you registered as the first player/team after the tournament is full it depends if all other eligible players are checked in on tournament start. If 10 people didnt check-in at tournament start, the next 10 checked in reserves will be inserted to the tournament by the system.


My teammate can't participate can I use a substitute player?

  • You can always de-register from the tournament and re-register with another friend until the registration closes, however this will put you/your team at the back of the line so check the participation list before doing this as you could end up forfeiting your registration and become a reserve.
  • If the registration has closed or you don't want to lose your spot you will have to play  with that person or play without him.
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