Team Liquid Open Tryouts Start This Week

PUBG Daniyal “DanikaY” Khan

Try your luck and you could be the next Team Liquid PUBG player. 

Do you have what it takes to become a professional PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds player? If the answer is "yes," then you are in luck: Team Liquid is holding open tryouts for its official PUBG team. No more causal PUGB, no more solo runs; its time for you to enter into the PUBG competitive scene. 

There are, however, a few requirements: you need to be in the EU region, over the age of at least 16, able to speak English and willing to travel. The perks of the position, though, include a monthly salary, swag from Liquid's sponsors, travel for events, game nights with Liquid's current PUBG team and more.

According to the official announcement, Team Liquid will be hosting open tryouts for their very own PUBG roster. the applications for the tryouts will kick off on December 6 and will be closing by December 11. If you are a PUBG player and want a career in esports, your time is now. 

Team Liquid has not been doing quite well in PUBG when compared to the other rosters. With the team already playing at two of the PUBG tournaments, Team Liquid has yet to take a podium finish. That being said, if these tryouts go as planned, hopefully, we'll see Team Liquid out of its current state.

Practice hard and show Team Liquid the skills you have this week and maybe, just maybe you might just end up playing PUBG under the banner of Team Liquid. For more information regarding the tryouts and its requirements, check out the official Team Liquid post here


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