Overwatch BEAT Invitational Day 3 recap

Overwatch Peggy “Moirai” Forde

It was a tale of two Sombra's in a Grand Final that went the distance.

Rogue vs Immortals - Rogue wins, 3-1

Immortals was almost able to break through Rogue's Volskaya-Sombra strat from yesterday thanks to Kariv's heads-up Zenyatta play and avoiding Unkoe's EMP. However, Rogue proved that Volskaya was theirs with a blazing two-point capture. Fate was the hero on King's Row, with his Primal Rage coming up big each time and grabbing the kills his team needed to both complete the map and stop Rogue before they could get to the second checkpoint.

Dorado was a lot more Rogue-sided than any other map, while Immortals once again barely stopped on Temple of Anubis, with a 99.7% capture percentage on the second point. AKM became the hero of Anubis with his Reaper denying Immortals the decency of Overtime, coming up big with a double kill Death Blossom and a follow-up kill on the Primal-Raging Fate to capture the point and take the match home for Rogue in a 3-1 victory.



FNRGFE vs Arc 6 - Arc 6 wins, 2-3

Despite some top-teir Widowmaker play from Buds on Illos and Bani's clutch resurrections on Lijang Tower, FNRGFE was unable to overcome the terror of Danteh and XQC, resulting in Arc 6 reverse-sweeping FNRGFE to the Losers' Finals. Space's Self-Destruct also came in handy multiple times, including to complete the final push on King's Row during regulation. In the end, Arc 6 seemed a lot more aggressive than FNRGFE, being able to overwhelm the enemy to take them down and eliminate them from the tournament. 


Immortals vs Arc 6 Immortals wins, 3-0

Arc 6 showed some signs of tilting early: XQC Primal Raged Fate just before dying to Fate's Primal Rage during the alley phase of King's Row, even taking some of the precious ultimate time to BM Fate's dead body while still in Rage form. The move would prove costly: Immortal's defense stabilized for good moments later, and Arc 6 was stopped a few meters before the second point. Immortals then cruised to an early first-map victory. Iios was then claimed by Immortals as well in a strong showing, and then Agilities had the honor of being the final nail in the coffin, consistently denying Custa the clutch resurrections that could have brought Arc 6 the map win, sending Arc 6 home in a 3-0 sweep.


GRAND FINAL - Immortals vs Rogue - Rogue wins, 3-4

The name of the game was agressiveness and who could maintain their push better for this best-of-seven Grand Final. Immortals set the tone early with a nice flanking attack at the very start of Hollywood to stall Rogue's offense for about ten seconds, but in the end it was Rogue that was able to push forward more efficently, resulting in an Overtime win. The slugfest continued on King's Row, where Immortals made a few key mistakes early that cost them a lot of push; all of which Rogue was able to take advantage of on their attack. Immortals missed the opprotunity to full-capture Dorado, while Rogue was once again able to pull off what Immortals couldn't. But then, Kariv's Zenyatta became the most deadly Omnic in Lijang Tower, giving Immortals some life. GrimReality picked up the pace on Route 66 to hold Rogue just meters away from tournament victory, giving IMT the chance to reverse sweep. Temple of Anubis only fanned the reverse sweep hype further, with a full team effort from Immortals to earn themselves a tied score and bring about a final seventh map.

The final map choice went to Rogue, and they chose their most successful map - Volskaya Industries. The boss of Rogue's team comp was Unkoe, who reportedly had 1.6 EMPs every minute in previous plays of Volskaya in this tournament. It was Rogue's ace in the hole - no one, not even Immortals themselves, had bested their Sombra defense on second point; most hadn't even gotten close. However, Kariv's Zenyatta seemed to have her figured out, predicting when Unkoe would strike with his EMP and pulling off a Transcendance that he was recharging almost as quickly as Sombra's ultimate. It was the edge Immortals needed, and they did the impossible - they beat Rogue's Volskaya defense.

It would be short-lived. Immortals gave away the first tick of the second point for free, which cost them when Nicogdh pulled off a match-saving triple kill Self Destruct. Unkoe's Sombra was once again unstoppable and was able to charge his Sombra far better than Kariv's - a mistake that would prove costly. Rogue was able to take capture the map in over a minute, denying Immortals a second chance. Rogue took out Kariv early and Immortals fell apart. Despite one amazing fight, Immortals turned out to be just as mortal as any other team, falling to Rogue in a 3-4 final.

And with that, Rogue takes home $3,300 and the title of Overwatch BEAT Invitational Season 2 Champions, while Immortals takes second and $1,800. Arc 6 rounds out the top three, banking $900. Seeing as this is one of the last big tournaments available before Overwatch Contenders Season 1, this could be the final look at some of the major players in the NA bracket before then.

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