Overwatch League Commissioner gives update on OWL, starts scouting process

Posted by Peggy "Moirai" Forde at 27 June 2017 21:15

Finally, some news about OWL directly from the Commissioner, Nate Nanzer.

The radio silence from the Overwatch League (OWL) Offices has finally been broken thanks to a memo released to the public less than an hour ago, detailing OWL’s next step.

The announcement started off by recounting OWL’s previous efforts - namely, the Overwatch Contenders and upcoming Overwatch Open League - before getting into the details of the next phase of OWL: a scouting report, which will be conducted by OWL and sent to all OWL League team owners.

If you qualify for any of the following, check your Blizzard-connected inbox. You might just have gotten an email requesting you to be part of OWL’s scouting effort, as outlined directly in the memo:

  • A top-500 finish in Competitive Play (based on Skill Rating) in Overwatch Seasons 3 or 4 for any region

  • A playoff finish in recent high-caliber tournaments such as APEX Season 2 or Premier Series 2017 Spring, or an invitation to Pacific Championship 2017 Season 1

  • Other distinguishing qualifications indicative of top-tier talent, including but not limited to membership on an established professional Overwatch team

You’ll also need to be in good standing with Blizzard and meet legal requirements for age and eligibility to participate in competition as per your country’s laws.

The update ends with the reminder that an email doesn’t mean an OWL spot, as well as the promise for more news to come “soon.”

The Overwatch League has been widely criticized for its lack of transparency and communication since it’s announcement last year. This is the first major update that the Commissioner has given.

Overwatch Contenders Season Zero is heading into its playoff phase this weekend, where teams will be playing for a chance to enter Overwatch Contenders Season One and the chance to be recognized as some of the best talent Overwatch has to offer for OWL. The Overwatch Open Division is set to take place later on this year, where teams and individuals alike have the chance to make their mark ahead of OWL.

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