TakeOver 2 team line-up completed with eUNITED

Overwatch Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

It’s now only a matter of waiting for June 1 to arrive.

It’s two days until TakeOver 2 begins and what will be Europe’s first LAN event since DreamHack Winter last year and with the most recent announcement from organizer TakeTV, the list of teams attending the Krefeld-hosted event is now completed.

Overwatch PIT runner-ups eUNITED will join the likes of Rogue, Ninjas in Pyjamas and Cloud9 in the fray for $50,000. The invite will pull eUNITED out of their competitive slumber, as the roster hasn’t played a tournament match since mid-April at the aforementioned Overwatch PIT.

The resulting finalized team list is Europe-heavy, which was expected as it has been needed. In anticipation of actual Overwatch League announcement, competition has been scarce in the west and especially in Europe as tournament organizers such as DreamHack have hit the pause button on any Overwatch involvements. TakeOver 2 will be the first major tournament since Overwatch PIT to give exposure to teams from that underdeveloped region. The only team to represent the NA and KR regions will be Cloud9, set to debut their new tank, ex-RunAway’s Sang-Hoon “KAISER” Ryu in a LAN environment.

With just a couple of days to go, pairings for the group stage are expected soon.

TakeOver team list

United States Cloud9
Europe Hammers Esports
Sweden Misfits
Spain Movistar Riders
Europe eUnited
France Rogue
Europe Cyclowns
Finland Ninjas in Pyjamas


Will Cloud9 prevail over the EU lot?

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