Team Dignitas says goodbye to Overwatch roster

Overwatch Robbert “Broeder” Troost

Yet another major organization has dropped their top 20 roster.

The bad news continues to spread throughout the organizational sphere. Fans of European and American rosters have had to deal with quite a series of disappointments over the past weeks; Splyce, TSM and coL have all parted ways with their promising Overwatch rosters.

Today, another rumour was confirmed. Dignitas have said goodbye to the roster that still looks like the team they signed in August of 2016. Back then, Creation eSports was a major player in the scene, even holding the no.1 spot in Europe for quite a while. Their most notable achievement was taking second place in the TakeTV TakeOver, barely losing to the original Rogue roster with Iddqd.

Dignitas is saying goodbye to Veinless, Evokje, Wat7, Bromas, ToxikeN and LiNkz, but has stated they are still very much interested in returning when the opportunity arises:

Team Dignitas is still committed to the game of Overwatch and remains optimistic about the long-term opportunity it presents for teams, players, spectators and fans.

We hope that the roster itself continues to compete as they have been on a steady rise these past months. Because while these organizations are getting scared because of the upcoming Overwatch League, the players themselves are at the top of their game and could find themselves a new home soon enough.

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