Groups announced for the last Overwatch Monthly Melee

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With the very last Overwatch Monthly Melee coming up this weekend, we now know what the groups will look like.

Earlier this May, it was announced that the May edition of the beloved Overwatch Monthly will be the last. Recently the groups for this tournament were announced, so let’s have a look at what teams will help send off the Melee.

Group A:

Group B:

This is the second OMM in a row for Immortals, which are sure to look for revenge after April’s shaky performance. Another team to keep an eye on is LG Evil, which has looked solid again lately. Don’t recognize the name “YIKES!”? Well, it’s the old Denial roster starring xQc and Danteh. This team is actually the one responsible for knocking down Immortals to the lower bracket last OMM.

Oh, and let's not forget current power house in Selfless, ranked 4th in the world at the moment. There's plenty of incentive for this last Monthly Melee to be one hell of a tournament. Just like April’s event, this one will be a three-day affair featuring qualifiers for two of the team spots. So far, the teams participating in the qualifier have not been confirmed.

The May edition of Overwatch Monthly Melee will take place May 19-21 on twitch.tv/curse. So don’t forget to tune in and give this Overwatch benchmark of a tourney a nice sendoff.

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