Misfits releases Zave, picks up Mineral

Overwatch Robbert “Broeder” Troost

The Misfits organization has changed up one player in their Overwatch roster.

Misfits as a organization has been in the Overwatch scene for almost a year now. In fact, it was June last year when Graviton Surge was officially signed, and the team has had some great success ever since. The current Misfits roster is composed of original members Nevix and Zabbosai, joined by ex-Rogue and ex-Luminosity players after a trade with those organizations.

Well, the Misfits organization announced today that their main support Zave has been let go, and is immediately being replaced on the roster by Mineral. Mineral previously played for Luminosity, in their LG Loyal roster, but went inactive last month.

As stated by Misfits, Mineral was picked up in order to improve the team as the new main shotcaller.

Mineral is an experienced player that joins us with great game understanding, and most importantly leadership and shotcall qualities. The change comes after we’ve noticed a lack of consistency in our performance as a team, following there being no true leader to guide us while in-game, and we hope that with this player change, and a main shotcaller in Mineral, we can play more in unison with each other, as Overwatch is slowly developing towards a more team-work and engagement-oriented game, rather than simply a display of individual prowess.

For the full details, you can read the post on their site.

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