Blizzard Changes up the Player Report System

Overwatch Alana “Vitani” Thompson

With the new patch, players now have a better way to report inappropriate behavior.

When playing games online, it is apparent that nothing is perfect. From the Lucio that never heals to salty teammates to the smurfing / boosting players; we've all had rough experiences. Blizzard has decided to make it a little easier to report those bothersome players in their latest patch.

Before this patch, the report menu was a drop down menu with a list of what the player may be doing. This was vague if the player reporting someone didn't know what the terms actually mean. Below the drop down was a comment box to describe what the offensive player was doing.

Now there is a new drop down menu. Inactivity and griefing, which were originally grouped together, have now been separated into two seperate reporting options, and the comments box appears after you've chosen your category. Along with this change, Blizzard has made it easier to know exactly what you are reporting a player for. Each choice has an explanation of what each report is and isn't. Below is an example report:

With this change, Blizzard hopes to “better capture the reason for each report” as worded in their patch notes. As a player who has run into certain problems and sticky situations because of player related issues, I think these changes were needed. The change can help better the community and keep the game fun for all.

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