MLG is bringing Overwatch to Vegas, with a $100,000 invitational

Posted by Robbert "Broeder" Troost at 24 October 2016 17:03

Major League Gaming is hosting a multi-day eSports and digital culture celebration. Overwatch will feature with a $100,000 tournament!

At the start of this year, Activition Blizzard bought Major League Gaming, one of the first large-scale tournament organizers for eSports. Mostly known for their continued Call of Duty coverage, MLG and its resources are considered a hint of Blizzard's upcoming eSports plans.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves, and BlizzCon, however. Today, MLG announced their plans to host MLG VEGAS, 'a multi-day esports and digital culture festival'. The weekend of December 16-18 will feature a Call of Duty World League 2017 event, the actual festival called End Game (promising 'interactive experiences, surprise musical performances and unique opportunities for content creators') and a $100,000 Overwatch invitational.

Eight teams will be invited to fly over to Las Vegas and play their hearts out for the crowd. The announcement does not specify whether the teams will be NA-only, and not a lot is known about the format of the event just yet. Still, another $100,000 cup is always a welcome sight for the scene, players and fans.

What is known, is the way admission will work. Three types of tickets are available:

  • General Admission $49.99 - General Admission seating for all three days and access to all End Game performances and activities.

  • VIP Admission: $149.99 - VIP Admission seating for all three days and access to all End Game performances and activities, VIP hoodie, VIP seating, Early Access to Venue, and VIP Check-In.

  • Team Pass: $299.99 – Compete in the Call of Duty World League North American Regional, presented by PlayStation 4.


We hope to get more information as the date approaches, and will share team names and such with you as soon as possible!

The official announcement can be found here.

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