Call of Duty organization Rise Nation signs Overwatch team

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Picture from Rise Nation's twitter

Rise Nation, known for being an eSports organization invested in Call of Duty, has signed the team formerly known as Gecko OW.

The long row of eSports organizations acquiring Overwatch teams continues. This time it’s the Call of Duty org. Rise Nation that welcomes the North American team of Gecko OW under their banner. A Rise Nation representative said this on their official statement on Facebook: While speaking to all six of them, I was able to sense their excitement for this opportunity. Now under the Rise Nation name, they believe that they have the ability to showcase their talents to a wider audience and prove that they deserve to be in the conversation as one of the top teams in the entire game.”

The team does not have to wait long to show what they can do under their new banner. They will be playing compLexity in FaceIt’s and ELEAGUE’s Overwatch Open on Sunday, August 28 at 3pm PDT/12pm CEST.

The team consists of:

  • Keith “Desro” Hospedales
  • Samuel “Locke” Latina
  • Adam “Spirit” Wills
  • Nathan “xRetzi” Telen
  • Mike “IVIidnight” Ryan
  • Kyle “Phaz” Dornian

If you want to read their official statement, you can find it here.

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