Team Liquid welcomes rapha to the lineup

Overwatch Matthew “GLPhoenix” Hunter

Doubling down on adding former Quake players to their Overwatch team, Team Liquid now has one of the greats with them.

Professionals from all sorts of titles have been flocking to Overwatch, from top players from other genres to those who have honed their skills in other shooting games for the best part of a decade. One such player has been Shane "rapha" Hendrixson, a veteran and legend of the Quake scene.

As mentioned in the announcement made by Team Liquid, rapha has been one of the most successful Quake players in the game's history, most notably when it comes to the Duel. Liquid are extremely confident that even though his indivdual skill will be a definite boon to the teams performance, his mentality and experience playing professionally for almost a decade will be invaluable to the team even more.

Alongside the announcement was a brief interview with rapha, where he was asked about his past with Quake, his transition to Overwatch and also what he sees in his future with the team. From reading it it is quite obvious that rapha is expecting himself and the rest of the team to find success, but only time will tell.

It will not be long until we see rapha and the rest of Team Liquid have their first competitive showing, and with the very successful history behind the former Quake players, expectations are rather high.

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