All teams are known for the Acer Pro Challenge starting Wednesday

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Acer and *aAa*, the French eSport organization, have partnered up for a €3000 Overwatch cup. The qualifiers are over, and the eight participating teams are set.

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Hardware companies and eSports, what great partners they make. Without them, the eSports industry would be a few sizes smaller. Luckily for us, Overwatch has attracted enough attention to guarantee more and more partnerships for years to come.

The Acer Pro Challenge will enter its second stage on Wednesday the 29th of June. After a total of 4 qualifiers, and with 4 invited teams, we now know what 8 teams will be participating in the main event for the €3000 prizepool. The finals are set for Wednesday the 13th of July, but all earlier rounds will be spread out over the next 2.5 weeks.

The teams:

With the amount of different rulesets out there at the moment, it might be worthwhile mentioning that this particular event will feature a hero limit. All maps are available for play however, including the Capture Point maps. Map selection is done through OWDraft.com, and classic Stopwatch rules are used. 

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Will the Qualified teams be able to challenge the Invitees?

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Thank you for voting!
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