A Viewers Guide to the GosuGamers Weekly EU #12

Overwatch Robbert “Broeder” Troost

We are back with edition 12 of the GosuGamers Weeklies. Today, top teams like REUNITED and EnVyUs will play on the EU servers.​

64 Teams will battle it out today for a prizepool of at least $500 USD (which can be increased again by donating on Matcherino.com and using the coupon code "ggeu12" to donate a free dollar!) which has been kindly provided by our partners Matcherino, ROCCAT and OWKings.

Where to watch

The event will go live at 20:00 CEST/14:00 EDT/11:00 PDT, in around 1.5 hours. If you want to follow the action you can do so on the following channels:


In order to help you get a better understanding of the teams participating and help you figure out who to root for we created predictions for this time around.



Prediction: 1st

EnVyUs won both Weeklies last weekend, and is therefore the clear favourite. The team have been playing well, and a lot. Just yesterday they beat VapeNation in King of the Watch and a lot of nV's players can be found streaming their public games on Twitch. REUNITED is right behind them however, so they need to keep their work ethic up.


Prediction: 2nd

Rogue as the favorites shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. They won the TaKeTV TakeOver and have an amazing record in general. But what about that roster change that happened, you might ask? While iddqd was, and is, a very good player, he has been replaced by current stand-in ToxikeN. ToxikeN will be playing Widowmaker a lot of the time, and this is a crucial improvement to the roster that lacked a real dedicated Widowmaker before. If they do well today, ToxikeN might even get himself a contract.



Prediction: 3rd

Before last weekend, the state of REUNITED's play was a bit unknown. They were one of the big teams that didn't show up for a launch LAN: the TakeOver. Rogue, however, did show up and even won the event. So REUNITED still has something to prove against Rogue and they most definitely have something to prove this weekend against EnVyUs.

Creation eSports

Prediction: 4th

Creation eSports is a solid group of players. Ever since CE acquired #FlatEarth, they have been getting good results. But they have not faced off against teams like EnVyUs and REUNITED in quite a while. They did put up quite a fight against the original Rogue roster, at TaKeTV, though, and that is as good of an endorsement as any. We will have to wait and see if the changes to Rogue have shifted the odds in their favour.

Teams to look out for:


Prediction 5th-8th

Nubris might very well be the next team to get picked up by a bigger organization. People have called them a top 2 team in NA, and they surely have the players to back up that statement. But today, matches are played on the EU servers, which can make quite a difference. They should be favoured in most matchups, but their 2-0 loss against Rogue from a few days ago might be an indication of how their run will end.

Northern Gaming Blue

Prediction: 5th-8th

Out of the two teams listed in this section, Northern Gaming Blue has slightly better odds. Since the earlier rounds will be played as BO1's, if NG Blue does meet Graviton Surge then they can go in confident knowing they went 3-0 vs GS last weekend (in a total of 2 matches). We don't expect them to breach the top 4 however, too many other big teams are playing today.

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Will EnVyUs win 3 Weeklies in a row?

Thank you for voting!
Thank you for voting!
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  • Mikael "SKYTRiXSHA" Silvennoinen ,
    Not suprised if Envy take's both weeklies again, Where is Cloud 9 ? :/
    • Robbert "Broeder" Troost ,
      Don't worry, they are playing in the NA Weekly on Sunday! 128 teams, including a lot of the top ones: http://www.gosugamers.net/overwatch/tournaments/10906-gosugamers-overwatch-weekly-na-12/registered-teams


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