IDDQD roster sees surprising changes

Overwatch Nathaniel “IcarusGamers” Wright

Earlier today the roster of IDDQD had some changes. These are the details of the changes, including some comments from players.

Despite their nonstop first places at tournaments, massive winstreak and position as the number one Overwatch team, the roster of IDDQD changed earlier today. The two DPS players of the team, Lucas “Mendokusaii” Håkansson and Kevyn “TviQue” Lindström (also known as Pluppie) have left effective immediately, leaving a roster of chipshajen, INTERNETHULK, HarryHook (a.k.a. Nbrigibup), and cocco.

The change comes as a shock, as the team was the strongest in Overwatch during it’s time, taking home only first places until this point. As well as that, the changes come just days before the invitational One Nation of Gamers tournament, which features a prize pool of $3000, and which many saw IDDQD as the favorites to win.

We asked those involved for comment; TviQ decided not to comment on the situation just yet, but Mendokusaii had this to say:

Mendokusaii: I thought this was the best course of action.

The remainder of IDDQD doesn't seem that heartbroken and desperate over the loss of its two top dps players, stating the following:

IDDQD: Mendo and Tviq will leave the team, they feel they found another option for them. We as a team will stay together and will be as strong, if not stronger in the future.
We wish Tviq the best of luck wherever he goes.

IDDQD was rumoured to be in talks with several sponsors, and it will be interesting to see if this news changes anything in terms of those upcoming deals.

Currently, Mendokusaii and TviQue are free agents. Read more about these two players in our Player Spotlights: TviQ & Mendokusaii. The remaining roster of IDDQD is unsure if they will continue to play in One Nation of Gamers, but we should know by tomorrow.

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