Game On will host the first multi-week tournament, in March

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After successfully hosting their first GameOn Overwatch Cup, next up on the schedule is the first round-robin Overwatch tournament ever: The Overwatch Arena, with a $1,200+ prize pool!

Backed by the support of both Azubu and Matherino, GameOn has announced plans to host a new, long-term, tournament called the Overwatch Arena. Starting on the 7th of March, eight European teams will be playing eachother every week for 3 weeks, mostly in a round-robin system. Monday and Tuesday, at 19:00 CET, fans of Overwatch will be able to tune in as ZP and Hexagrams cover all matches over at Azubu.tv/GameOn. Six out of the eight participating teams have been invited, based on their previous results, while the final two teams will be selected through qualifiers (which are to be announced soon).

The six invited teams are:

Running from the 7th till the 29th of March, the tournament will consist of 28 group-stage matches and 6 playoffs matches. Only the top 4 teams from the group-stage will qualify for the playoffs. All matches during round-robin will be Bo3, all matches in the upper bracket in the playoffs will be Bo5 and teams dropping to the lower bracket will be given a chance to still reach the finals by playing Bo3's as well. Only the final two teams will take home parts of the $1,200+ prize pool.

Similarly to their first OW Cup, viewers of the event will be able to quite easily add $1 to the prize pool for free through the help of Matcherino. And Matcherino also makes donating actual money to the prize pool an easy feat. More information on that will be announced during the broadcasts. 

Registrations for the qualifiers will again be handled through our own system (and will be EU only), so stay tuned for information on those through either the ItsGameOnGG twitter or our very own @GosuOverwatch.


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