EG Team Manager John Nguyen: "We want to show that we are here to compete with the top tier teams"

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Hello, thank you for speaking with us! Would you mind introducing yourself to our audience and explain how you ended up where you are? 

Hi, I am John Nguyen the team manager of the Evil Geniuses Overwatch Division. During the early stages [of East Wind], we were approached by a few organizations and I also reached out to a few, but once Peter Dager and I talked on Skype, I knew instantly that there was no other organization more fitting than EG to be picked up by.

I was not on the East Wind roster. I would only be substituting because early on we had many attendance issues from our old trials and we really had a difficult time getting the same six people for more than one block of scrimmages and tournaments. 

What were each player's thoughts with signing with Evil Geniuses?

Overall, everyone on the team was just amazed that this was actually happening and with the best esports organization in the industry, Evil Geniuses. 

You guys have come a long way now. How is playing now compared to your amateur days?

There is not that much difference. We are still working just as hard to improve and now that we have the opportunity to play versus better opponents more frequently. The only noticeable difference would be that we don't get away with as many mistakes like we used to. 

Could you describe your team's history and dynamics? 

In three words, POSITIVE, SUPPORTIVE, and FUN! Basically, we had a core roster of three that ended up being just two players and we carefully picked the remaining four players which took four months to do so. I looked for well-rounded and highly skilled individuals and I was very unwilling to settle. 

Have you developed any new goals since you entered the Overwatch professional scene?

We want to show that we are here to compete with the top tier teams, we look forward to playing Rogue again.

You recently faced them in the Overwatch Monthly Melee, what went through your team's mind during that match?

It was basically a learning experience, we were the only team at the time daring to play the same composition of one tank three DPS and two healers just like they do. Since then we have been able to learn from them and it helped us grow tremendously.  

Being part of EG should give you a lot of perks, including a stay at a training house. Could you describe your experiences with that?

We were only actually at the Alameda house for four days. We arrived Thursday afternoon and I had everyone try out the computers. Elk has never played on a PC before because his set-up at home is a bad laptop. So he had to learn how to use a new keyboard and a PC that can run Overwatch higher than 70 fps. The tournament started Friday and we just did our best while having fun getting to know each other. It was a short experience, but it was also one of the best weekends of our lives. 

Does your team have any thought on the upcoming Overwatch League?

Only one thought. READY. 

Any teams Evil Geniuses is looking forward to going up against? Any particular reason why?

Cloud9, Rogue, Selfless, EnVy, IMT, and the top Korean teams. We want to prove ourselves.  We want to go against them because we feel they are currently the best teams and it will help us grow the more we play them 

Anything else you would like to add? 

We really appreciate the support of all the EG and Overwatch fan's out there and hope you keep supporting us in upcoming tournaments. 


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