Fortified Defenses: Can Orisa Block That?

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With the new hero, Orisa, out in the PTR, it's safe to say we're curious about what she can and can't do. We have been busy testing most of the hero abilities that could affect Orisa with Fortify. Some of the effects listed below have also been compiled in this Overwatch Central video below:



  • Ana's Sleep Dart: Orisa is not affected.

  • D. Va's Boosters: Orisa is not knocked back, but the boost does do a tiny bit of damage.

  • Junkrat's Mine and Grenades: Orisa does not move but takes damage.

  • Junrat's Steel Trap: Orisa can walk over and destroy the trap she does take damage.

  • Lucio's Soundwave: Orisa is not affected.

  • McCree's Flashbang: Orisa is not stunned, but takes a tiny bit of damage.

  • Mei Wall: If placed under her, Orisa can be moved upwards.

  • Orisa's Halt: Orisia is not affected.

  • Pharah's Concussive Blast: Orisa is not affected.

  • Reinhardt Charge: Orisa doesn't move, but Reinhardt does get stunned. She also does not take any damage from his charge, and Rein takes 170 damage.

  • Roadhog's Hook: Orisa cannot be hooked with Fortify active, but she cannot break out with Fortify if she has already been hooked.

  • Winston's Jump Jet: Orisia is not moved, but takes damage depending on the vicinity in which Winston lands.



  • Mei's Blizzard: Orisa is not frozen but will take damage.

  • Reinhardt's Earthshatter: Orisa is not affected, but she does not protect her allies standing behind her.

  • Roadhog's Whole Hog: Orisa is not knocked back, but she can be killed, still benefiting from the damage reduction.

  • Sombra's EMP: The hack only affects the Halt! Ability. (No one is sure whether or not this is a bug.)

  • Winston's Primal Rage: Orisa is not knocked back, but takes about 15 damage per hit.

  • Zarya's Graviton Surge: Orisa can walk around in and out of the surge.


Keep in mind that, even though she is not moved, Orisa can take damage from all of these abilities and ultimates. Orisa's fortify does not protect against or purge Ana's bio grenade or Zenyatta's discord orb. Similarly, Sombra cannot hack Orisa out of the fortify state.

Orisa is shaping up to be an interesting new tank. She has a different play style than the others, mixing defense and offense seamlessly. As she is tested and when she is dropped into the live game, we will have to see just how she shakes up the meta.

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