British eSports Association announced

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The wave of official bodies aimed at promoting eSports shows no sign of slowing, with a British version announced today, apparently with Government backing.

Another national eSports federation was brought into the world today, with the news that a group of Great British enthusiasts has decided to form a ‘British eSports Association’. The timing may have raised a few eyebrows due to Brexit uncertainty, as well as the fact that Britain might not exist much longer if the Scots get their way, but it definitely proves the expansion of eSports into the mainstream is set to continue apace.

According to their press release, the group will be based at the famous Pinewood Studios, and their goals and aims seems fairly lofty. ‘British eSports, acting as the National Governing Body for eSports in the United Kingdom, will work in conjunction with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to help and represent players at all levels; develop a grassroots competitive video game scene that will nurture future talent; support existing professionals and provide the infrastructure to create future British global champions.’

The group claims to have been given authority by the UK Government, although the absence of any official quote from said elected officials is glaring in the press release. They will be chaired by Andy Payne OBE, known for his work both in the industry proper, and his time spent working with UK games bodies including trade organisation UKIE and games charity GamesAid. Mr Payne stated he was an admirer of groups like British Cycling and their work to encourage others to participate, going on to say, “These are exciting times in eSports and the time is right to build this organisation from the grassroots up”.

It remains to be seen as to what concrete moves the group can make, and judging by their pleas for ideas within the press release it may well be that the Association themselves are still working out what impact they can actually make. Either way, the continued movement across the world to make eSports part of the mainstream has taken another step, and it will be fascinating to see what, if any, benefit British eSports gleans from their existence.

If you'd like to suggest a way the British eSports Association could help, contact them at [email protected] by September 30th 2016.


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