C9.Mang0 defends his championship title at EVO 2014

General Michale “DreXxiN” Lalor

After a close 3-2 set against Crs.Hungrybox, C9.Mang0 defends his title and is once again, the winner of the EVO Championship Series.

After being witnessed by 100,000 or more viewers that Mang0 was the strongest Super Smash Bros. Melee player last year at EVO 2013, he's come back to defend his title once again in EVO 2014.

The winners finals kicked off with Crs.Hungrybox taking the first win against Mang0.  As usual, the match was between Hungrybox's Jigglypuff and Mang0's Fox.  Starving to proceed to the finals, Mang0 came back 2-0 in the set, but Hungrybox acquired a "rest" instakill move onto Mang0 to tie it up 2-2. Ultimately, Mang0 was able to barely proceed to the winner's final.

The Loser's finals featured Armada all the way from Sweden revealing his pocket pick of Young Link being played at an unprecedented level never seen before.  Knowing that it was a counterpick to Hungrybox's signature Jiggly puff, he decided to pull out his own Fox.  However, having lost just as he did with his Falco prior in the tournament, Hungrybox was prompted to switch back to Jigglypuff, catching back up and taking it 2-0.

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Bracket courtesy of Liquipedia

For the Grand Finals, C9.Mang0 was looking incredbly dominant in the rematch with a 2-0 starting point.  However, not ready to go out yet, Crs.Hungrybox was able to recompose himself and pull back with a 2-0 return win, looking to reset the matchup to a single best of 5 after coming back from the Loser's Bracket.  

With both players showcasing astounding technical skill, intelligence, and stage control, the grand finals was down to the wire.  Striving to withhold his title, C9.Mang0 managed to land the killing blow onto Hungrybox and redeem his championship title once again for EVO, winning EVO 2014.

Place Player Prize
1st United States C9.Mang0 $5820
2nd United States Crs.Hungrybox $1940
3rd Sweden EMP|P4K.Armada $970
4th United States EG.PPMD $388


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