Laodang: 'Dota 2 is still an idea, a vision.'

General Loh Zhun Yew “Cookies326”
Being the second man to be invited to The International 3, Chinese shoutcaster LaoDang has been in the limelight for the past week. SGamer caught up with the uprising caster to talk about his invitation and what he thinks about Dota 2 at its current state.

On the 4th of April, Wei Hua 'LaoDang' Dang posted on his Weibo stating that he has been invited to The International 3 as the official Chinese shoutcaster. The early invitation was mostly due to a recommendation by Ming Yin 'Hippovic' Chan, Valve worker in China.

LaoDang is a Chinese shoutcaster who mostly casted DotA games and post them up on Youku. His calm voice and deep analysis has attracted a lot of viewers and most bizarrely, hundreds of fan girls.

LaoDang's VODs can be found on his channel in Youku.

Sgamer caught up with the uprising caster to talk about his invitation and what he thinks about Dota 2.

Note: The following interview is translated by Cookies326 of GGnet. The structure of the sentences has been altered for the ease of English readers. However, the content and the meaning remains the same.

Hello LaoDang, congratulations for being the first invite to TI3 as a Dota 2 Chinese caster.

Hello! Thank you!

How did the name LaoDang come by?

This is because of my surname. Basically my name was not easy to be called, and my classmates started to call me that and eventually I got used to it.

In the past you said you weren't comfortable with Dota 2 (Editor's note: Basically the game design, models etc) and still felt that Warcraft 3's Dota was more comfortable. How do you feel about Dota 2 now?

Actually, this is just a process adapting, once you get used to Dota 2 and the shop system, you will feel certain aspects of the game are more user-friendly. Compared to Dota 1, Dota 2 has improved in a marketing point of view as well as spectating point as well. I feel very optimistic towards Dota 2!

What do you feel is the biggest difference between Dota and Dota 2?

I feel Dota 2's field of vision has become smaller.

How will this change affect fights in game?

Gank becomes much easier, Blink Dagger, Force Staff and movement tools alike becomes much more valuable. Such as now, in Dota 1, when Batrider Lasso and pulls you, the distance will still remain within your sight, allowing you to have time to react, however, in Dota 2 you may not see him firefly.

A lot of players who just started playing Dota feels that the heroes and mechanics are very complicated, making it difficult for those who just started. Is it easier to start playing Dota 2? Will it be easier for those who had history with Dota 1 to adapt to Dota 2?

Actually Dota 2 is still an idea, a vision. The mechanics and items are basically exactly the same with Dota 1. Players with a history of Dota 1 just have to get used to heroes' new model as well as some minor aspects and you can enjoy Dota 2.

At Weibo, you said that after talking with IceFrog, you were told that you were invited to TI3. Majority of the players were very excited after hearing this, can you share with us some inside info about the talk you guys had?

It was actually very simple. We were just talking about regarding me being invited to TI3, given that my english was horrible, we did not talk much (Thanks to hippovic for the translations). As for the content we talked about, I promised IceFrog I won't reveal it.

As you were not invited to the previous two editions, a lot of players are wondering why did you become the first chinese caster to be invited, can you share with us the reason?

This question would be much better to be answered by Hippovic.

(Wild Hippovic appears)

HippoGod, hello, haha.

Hello hello.

Why did you recommend LaoDang to IceFrog?

During the times of Dota, I saw LaoDang's videos. His play style is very stable, explains the situation of the game very accurately and most importantly, when he doesn't understand or know something, he would immediately say it, he won't be afraid to do so. At the same time during WCG, I was paying attention to his live commentaries. During that time at the OB's messy situation, he explained and casted really well. So I believe he is very suitable for big competitions such as TI3.

Can you briefly describe the process of you recommending LaoDang to IceFrog?

This thing was agreed by both of us. I would recommend him and as long as there are no major problems, he would agree to it. I just basically told IceFrog that LaoDang is my favorite caster!

(During the time the interviewer was preparing hippovic to talk about dota, hippovic disappeared, therefore we continue the interview with Laodang)

Like your quote from QQ, "In pursuit of excellence, success will soon follow", your handwork has finally paid off with your invite to TI3. A lot of people online commented on your seriousness when commentating with humor and passion. In reality, what kind of person are you.

I am really flattered. In reality, I'm a person who cannot separate myself from the computer. My meals don't cost more than 50 RMB.

You seem to be a person with a more insistent dream, although you aren't a participant, but to be able to participate TI3 as a caster should have more or less fulfill your dreams right?

Yeah, more or less it does I guess.

The National State Sports General Adminstration recently announced the establishment of a national team for e-sports. Do you think this will be helpful towards the development of E-sports in general?

Our national Esports team does not have Dota 2. Therefore, I did not pay much attention towards it. The development of Esports is very reliant on its own.

Very much thanks to LaoDang for accepting our interview, do you have anything to say to our national Esports team?

Dota 2 is a very excellent game, I hope they can promote it well. Aside from that, regarding the national Esports team things, I am looking forward to it.

Source: Sgamer