-Update- WePlay showmatch between Na'Vi vs RoX.KIS tonight

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

-Update- The showmatch between Na'Vi and RoX.KIS has been postponed two weeks ago but has finally found a schedule. Tonight, the two CIS teams will encounter in a best-of-five starting from 17:00 CET. The rules below stay the same and the coverage will be provided by BeyondTheSummit.

Source: WePlay.in.ua

To start the second group stage off properly, WePlay will host another showmatch. This time around, Na'Vi's opponent will be voted on via a poll on Facebook and vk. It will be either Liquid or RoX.KIS.

This Friday, 12th April at 17:00 CET, Natus Vincere will play a best-of-five showmatch against either Team Liquid or RoX.KIS to start off the 2nd groupstage of the WePlay tournament.

Polls for who gets to play the showmatch will close on Thursday, 20:00 CET. You can cast your vote on WePlay's Facebook and Vkontante

In the previous showmatch, Na'Vi convincingly took out Evil Genuises in only three games. To avoid such a scenario, WePlay has changed the rules. This time around, all games will be played out and prize money will be handed out based on the end result.

€200 will be awarded for each won game and an additional €200 for 4 wins, €500 for taking all 5 games. This maxes out to a total of €1,500 being distributed.

Coverage will be provided by BeyondTheSummit, but the match can also be watched via the WePlay DotaTV ticket. for $3,99.

Check link for brackets, VODs and full standings