SGS brings first crushing defeat to Taipei Assassins

General “DreXxiN”

In a fascinating show of domination, Singapore Sentinels gives Taipei Assassins their first defeat, bringing them to 21-1 in the Garena Premier League.

There was a large period of time where everyone thought that Taipei Assassins were going to be absolutely invincible this season. Singapore Sentinels taught them a lesson and not only defeated them, but crushed them the entire game. Whether an off day for Taipei Assassins or if Singapore Sentinels has some tricks up their sleeves, it was an amazing and unpredictable upset.

HyHy.jpgHome to ex-professional DotA player 'Hyhy', Singapore Sentinels have been greatly assisted by his addition to the team, playing the AP mid role after Hyhy was not able to make a living with professional gaming off of DotA.

Taipei Assassins is still incredibly far ahead of everyone else in the Garena Premier League, but they have been shown a lesson in that they cannot underestimate anyone, for even being the unstoppable titan that they are, defeat can still be seen.


Draft starts at 11:00~