A good week for Dignitas and TSM

General Garry “IU_aegyo” Chen

Dignitas moves near the top of the rankings. TSM wins three straight with Wild Turtle and CLG finds themselves without wins.

Week 6 day 2 started off with perhaps the oldest rivalry in League of Legends history with TSM vs CLG. With Chaox sitting out for this weeks matches, Wild Turtle showcased why he was selected as the sub. Within the 3 minute mark TSM did a double gank under tower against Hotshot, while Wild Turtle obtained 1st flood against Aphromoo. CLG looked unsettled the entire game as they were were 1 and 6 at the 6 minute mark. As the game progressed, TSM's aggressiveness was just too much for CLG to handle. With the game getting farther away CLG attempted a desperate Baron attempt which they got, however TSM wasn't going to give it to them that easily. With a quick ace against CLG, CLG had no choice but to surrender at 23 minutes.

Marn who had been struggling with a 6 game losing streak looked confident against Complexity on the second game of the day. With the recent changes to their lineup Marn has been hoping for some bright spot, well Nientensoh and Heartbeat were the answer. With Heartbeat on support and Nientensoh on ADC, Marn was going in circle around Complexity. Marn was ahead all game keeping Complexity down to 1 kill and 2 towers all game long. Marn finished the game with only 1 death and had a combined 19 kills after a 28 minute long game.

With CLG down 0-2 for the week, their last chance was against Vulcan. Vulcan vs CLG was the closest match of Friday by far. With Vulcan being constantly down from Dragons in terms of gold, Vulcan was stronger in terms of team fights. This 55 minute game was a multitude up and downs for both teams, with trades and tower trades everywhere. Doublelift had over 500 farm and Zuna had over 450. With Zuna leading the charge at the final fight, CLG just could not hold on and eventually was defeated for there third straight game.

Complexity vs Dignitas was the definition of a war. With Dignitas leading the early game quite hard, Complexity showed major resilience towards the mid game and capitalized on it as much as they could. In the end Dignitas would not lose, with a Baron that Complexity did not catch wind of, Dignitas stormed into Complexity's base and was able to take the nexus.

At the end of week 6 Curse leads LCS with 13-4 and is closely followed by Dignitas with 13-2. TSM is starting to look strong with three consecutive wins this week, while CLG fell negative with three consecutive losses. With the season nearing the end GGU and Complexity have to pick up some wins or they will find themselves having to re-qualify completely for next season.