Curse secure their colossal lead in the NA LCS

General “DreXxiN”

Even though Curse is at the top of the food chain for the North American LCS, they could not defeat the new and powerful established roster of KT Rolster B.

While TSM Snapdragon is known for having consistent results, Complexity are the upset champions of MLG. Having won their past two games in the weekend coming up from last place, Complexity has shown they can play on even level with the best teams from North America and have done just that.

In the beginning, Complexity seemed to have the lead, but not by any fantastic margin. Still it was looking to be yet another upset until a dismal mid game teamfight for Complexity. The real merit of the armor penetration composition really started paying off for TSM, causing them to acquire baron as well as double inhibitors. TSM would put Complexity's hot streak to an end and take the base.

Vulcun found a rough start vs. Team Dignitas despite blowing Scarra's flash at level one and forcing him to take Body Slam. Imaqtpie was able to pick his signature Draven and start off his lane with a red buff to boot. Though Vulcun manages to pick up 2 kills in the early game, Dignitas picks off 3 as well as grabbing the bottom outer turret and a dragon before the first 10 minutes of the game.

Afterwords, Dignitas' experience shine through and they heed the advantage for several minutes into the game until Zuna goes ham and picks up several kills, thrusting Vulcun into an extreme late game advantage. Though Vulcun closes things out slowly, they do so methodically, ripping down objectives 1 by 1 and taking a baron after catching out Imaqtpie.

Dignitas attempts one last fight, getting crushed by the extreme power of 6 item Tristana with the assistance of his support at his side. Vulcun puts a crushing conclusion to Dignitas' not-so-hot weekend.

Perhaps the hugest upset of the weekend would happen when Good Game University got ahead and most stayed ahead of Counter Logic Gaming. Good Game University is last in the standings and managed to pull off a win against the eldest team in competitive League of Legends history.

The game started off grimly with Chauster giving up first blood before minions had spawned. Though he redeemed himself later with a kill on Bloodwater, CLG was down on a lot of summoner spells. Though teamfights progressed primarily evenly throughout the midgame, the game would end with the threats on Good Game University coming out largely on top of the threats from CLG to the point where Singed had 3 huge AP items and was still beefy enough to withstand CLG.

After a dismal baron steel from NintendudeX away from Chauster, GGU swiftly took the advantage, laying waste to the rest of CLG and pushing in for the win.

The close games would cease and the LCS matches would end with a smash. Though MRN tried with their new line-up front Nientonsoh, they could not hold off from being ravaged by Curse Gaming. After the night with KT Rolster B, Curse Gaming seems to have picked up some aggressive lessons and gave it to MRN with no mercy.

The final match of the night is KT Rolster B vs. Gambit Gaming in the international match, stay tuned as we cover the rest of MLG!