Alex Ich on gaming houses, the NA scene, his family life, and more

General “DreXxiN”
We had the opportunity to grab an in-depth interview with Alex Ich and talk about a lot of touching subjects in and outside of the game.

00:00 - General event questions

00;50 - Birth of one of the most consistent players in the world

01:40 - The balance of being a family man and a professional gamer

02:25 - A world class team out of no-where

03:45 - Discussing the innovation of M5/Gambit's strategies

05:40 - What is Groove to you and how does he influence the team?

06:30 - Gambit Gaming's practice regimen

07:10 - Annoying fans banging on the glass intermission :D

07:50 - Traveling so much and how it affects the team

08:35 - The past and present state of the NA teams and their level of threat

09:15 - Financial comfort and the impact on work ethic and performance

10:55 - "I spend time with my wife and play Starcraft 2 to relax"

11:50 - Alex's relationship and closeness to the seam outside of LoL

12:40 - Alex's thoughts on gaming houses

13:30 - Shoutouts and closing statements

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